1. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke deaths you didn't care for

    We have threads about all your sad deaths, but how about one for deaths that you just really couldn’t care less over, and just wern’t sad about at all for any reason, such as you thought it was a bad team member or the way they died? For me, shockingly enough,a large majority of the deaths in...
  2. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Shiny nuzlocke deaths

    So basically, if any of y’all had a case where you had a super rare, miscoloured creature, only for it to lose all of it’s HP in battle, feel free to share ‘em.
  3. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Do you have a deathless run? Or if not, what was the longest you have gone without a death?

    I actually do indeed have a deathless run! It was of the rom hack, Kanto Black! I guess it was because I was constantly unsure what level to grind for for the major bosses so I probably overgrinded a bit too much. So for you guys, do you have a deathless run, or if not, longest time you lasted...