1. Written Story Kanto Critique Lv.3 Teen Mon Fool's Mate: A Pokemon Firered Chesslocke

    Rooke wasn't the type of person most would think of when they heard the word champion. After all, why would they? Rooke was nothing more than a chess hobbyist without a clear goal in life, but that all changed when on a whim Rooke set foot on a ship heading towards Kanto. Rooke didn't fully...
  2. JadeWizard

    First Death. Tell me about your first death. I should've trained more... I'm sorry guys. I'm so sorry.

    You walk into a bar late at night. There is a dragon slouched over the bar table, one paw holding a wine cooler while the other covers her face. "Let's fight the gym I said," She moans, "It will be easy I said." ... So I just had my first death... or should I say deaths as there were three in...
  3. Shai_Hulud

    Ruleset Necrolocke

    Standard nuzlocke rules apply. Dead Pokemon can be reanimated by sacrificing (releasing) a number of Pokemon whose levels collectively sum to the level of the dead one. Example: a level 30 Pokemon can be revived by releasing a level 25 and a level 5. If a dead Pokemon is not resurrected...