1. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Fan Mixed Media Red Makes Danganronpa Content

    I guess this is the hole I'm dying in now, huh? Spoilers, for each game. Of course. Tumblr Link I do Danganronpa content now. A majority of what I do will focus around the V2 cast. Love me some Hinata/Komaeda, so expect that to pop up on occasion. Also love that Izuru Kamukura. That one...
  2. Squiggy Azalea

    Screenshot Let's Play Teen I Don't Know How To Name This: a blind OA of Danganronpa 1

    So, picture this. You're in your room, chilling with your homies on Discord. They start talking about the Danganronpa series, which is something that you've always heard of but never really played, because you just... don't have the money to buy them. Then, one of your best friends of all time...