cw: grief

  1. kikitopia

    Comic Unova General Teen Mature Mon Pokemon White Ducklocke!

    Helloo everyone! My name's Kiki and I'm here to post my pokemon white nuzlocke run in comic form! But instead of the protag being me I made an oc that will represent me! Her name is Duck and she's a optimistic, hyper young trainer who is so excited to start her journey with her Tepig named...
  2. gettingehedofmyself

    Written Story Kanto Mature Mon EHED- A FireRed Nuzlocke

    Hello everyone! I'm PJ and I've been working on this dang story for about 5 years now. The game itself was completed, gosh, 4 years ago? I just ended up deciding to torment myself one summer and here we are. Titled "Everything Hurts and Everyone Dies" by my hilarious younger sister, this is...