cw: death

  1. Moon

    Written Story Unova Teen Mon Orange's Adventures - A Pokemon Black Lorelocke

    Hello and welcome to Orange's Adventures - A Pokemon Black Lorelocke! I am Moon, and I'm here to bring you the first and only lorelocke of Unova (in the forums)! So...yeah. Not much else to say. You can do constructive criticism, because I want to get better at writing. Okay, so here are the...
  2. moonfly

    Written Story Hoenn General Mon Drifting Lilies - a Pokémon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

    Hey everyone! I’m moonfly, and I’m extremely new. I’ve done nuzlockes for maybe a year? Two? Now, but discovered the nuzlocke discord just about a month ago when looking for people to chat about my runs to, and from there found out about nuzlocke forums and that posting stories of your nuzlocke...
  3. Jimcloud

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Insider - Second Verse

    Same as the first! Little bit louder, and a WHOLE LOT WORSE. Let's go.
  4. "Absolutely Certain"

    Written Story Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Gijinka [IDYLLICA] I require assistance.

    Good evening. I cannot give you my real name, but after some research, I find myself fond of the alias Doris, and the pronouns she and her. So you may refer to me that way. I am fully aware this thread might not receive much attention. I certainly don’t mind that possibility. Simply seeing...
  5. Faleep

    Written Story Unova Mature Don’t Evolve

    Okay i have no self control and this has been sitting in my unpost wips folder for forever and i keep telling myself to post this damn thing so here y’all take this piece of something. If Unova wasnt already hard enough of a run, i decided to take a ruleset to the max and this came out of it...