1. Black Viper

    Written Log UCL [UCL 4] Snaking My Way (Chainlocke)

    Right, let's get this started while I still feel some amount of momentum and before it's December and I've not done anything yet. Games: Alternate 1 - Fire Red, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Black, Black 2 We'll be starting out with... Pokémon Diamond. Why? Well, mostly because it was the game...
  2. Anemone

    Screenshot Johto A Completely Ordinary Nuzlocke Playthrough of Pokemon Crystal

    are these screenshots tiny or is it just me hi! it's me again. you'd think after my personal deep dive into why I shouldn't document runs I'd, y'know, stop, but here I am what's the gimmick? I don't understand the question. this is a regular nuzlocke. there doesn't have to be a gimmick.
  3. Part 11 - Red-y or Not! (Finale)

    Part 11 - Red-y or Not! (Finale)

    Sixteen badges in hand, and zero deaths, it's time to face the hardest challenge yet, more Gen 2 level curve! Wil me who is bad at grinding between streams get close enough to Red's 70-81 team after our last fight was only Blue's 50-58 team?
  4. Part 10 - Ultimate Boss Gauntlet

    Part 10 - Ultimate Boss Gauntlet

    The way is cleared! All we have to do is smack down all these Kanto gym leaders! Can we beat all 8 Pokemon Gyms in one stream? Guess you'll have to stop by to find out!~
  5. Part 9 - Kanto Clean Up

    Part 9 - Kanto Clean Up

    With Johto conquered, league and all, we must search for a new region to bully! Gonna try and clear the way to as many gyms as possible before the end so we can see how many we can beat in one stream next week~ Will this run remain deathless, or have we run out of luck!
  6. Part 7 - Need A Little Clair-ity

    Part 7 - Need A Little Clair-ity

    After beating 2 gyms AND Team Rocket with at least a few scares, we're down to one last gym before we're ready to take on the Pokemon League! Will we defeat Clair and pick up that Waterfall HM for the first time in my life, or will she give our Pokemon a thrashing!
  7. E-bot

    Screenshot Johto Teen Commentary Mon Second Step - A Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke

    Introductions Pokemon Crystal is the game that truly introduced me and got me hooked into the Pokemon franchise when I was a kid. I had lots of fun playing it back in elementary school, and the sheer size of the game (comparable to other games during the time) kept me occupied for a considerable...
  8. Part 6 - Blazin Through These Gyms

    Part 6 - Blazin Through These Gyms

    Last time we got through Olivine Lighthouse, gave Ampy the medicine, went over to Lake of Rage, caught the gyarados, and beat up Team Rocket in their base. Now we're in position to beat both Pryce AND Jasmine with no interuption! What else can we get done before stream ends~?
  9. Part 4 Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance

    Part 4 Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance

    With Whitney going exceptionally smoothly for what's expected of her, will Morty be able to give us any trouble? Not with me and my level 30 Umbreon self he's not~ So come see me personally bully Morty before continuing our adventure through Johto~
  10. Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Part 3 - Facing Unbel-Eevee-ble Odds

    Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Part 3 - Facing Unbel-Eevee-ble Odds

    After, as Tails put it, bullying Falkner and Bugsy, we make our way to take on the infamous Whitney! Will this go as well as the first two, or do we not stand a ghost of a chance against her Miltank!~ ...also we may reach Morty too if things go well!
  11. Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Part 2 - Birds of a Feather

    Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Part 2 - Birds of a Feather

    Having recieved our first Pokemon and made our way through Sprout Tower it's time to face Falkner and our first gym! Will Toffee rock their world or will Falkner blow her away with Mud Slap!~
  12. Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Part 1 - Cool as Crystal

    Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Part 1 - Cool as Crystal

    It's been far too long since I've played a Johto game, probably not since Heart Gold and Soul Silver first came out. So I thought it'd be a good time to do a Nuzlocke of good old Crystal version!
  13. Tailsimp

    Video Johto Teen Crystal Cool: Crystal Nuzlocke Streams (Complete)

    Welcome Guys, Gals, and Nonbinary Pals to Crystal Cool: Crystal Nuzlocke Streams! Alternate title: Lyra bullies the Johto Region After finishing her Emerald Version Nostolgialocke, and the extra challenging Platinum Version PMLocke, the great and powerful PkmnMasterWheeler is back with a...
  14. Memento

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Mature Translucent Legends: A Crystal Lorelocke.

    Yes, I've decided to do something crazy: a Lorelocke! Thanks to @RubyClaw , @mewstein , and @Spectacles for making - and helping with - this monster of a ruleset. I admire the perseverance it took to make it, and I've decided to do something that hasn't, to my knowledge, been done yet: a...
  15. Baker Bulbasaur

    Video Johto Teen Mon My first Nuzlocke at 30! | Pokemon Crystal Randomized Nuzlocke | Episode 1 - "A Late Debut'

    Hey all! Literally just found these forums and think they are just the place to be! I've wanted to be a Poketuber for over 10 years now. At low points in my life I have turned to Pokemon as a release, and inparticular watching Nuzlockes on youtube. I cant count the amount of times I went to...
  16. TLC Page 0

    TLC Page 0

    What's a god to a nonbeliever?
  17. Tastes Like Chicken - A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Tastes Like Chicken - A Crystal Nuzlocke

    (jazz hands) Here goes nothing! While this isn't the first Nuzlocke I've attempted to make into a comic, it is the only one I actually figured out a reasonable art style and plot for. This will be crossposted on Nuzfourms, and I'll be way more active there. That being said... I hope you enjoy!
  18. SnackyTheSylph

    Comic Johto Teen [HAITUS-ISH] Bright Souls

    Hey! What's up. It's me. This Nuzlocke comic is something I've been kicking around since...well, a long time. The run itself was done when Crystal came out on the 3DS virtual console, but the comic is sort of a culmination of ideas I've been throwing around since I discovered Nuzlockes in, oh...
  19. alan smithee

    Screenshot Johto Commentary Hack The Official Unofficial Super Duper Radical Pokémon Perfect Crystal Nuzlocke: Spooktacular Edition

    Hi hello yes my name is alan smithee, and I enjoy playing baby games for children while placing arbitrary restrictions upon myself in order to make the experience more """fun""". One such baby game for children is Pokémon Perfect Crystal, a ROM hack that attempts to create the definitive Gen II...
  20. Nate

    Video Johto Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Crystal Randomized Nuzlocke

    Hey, everybody! Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt is back with a Randomized Crystal Nuzlocke! That's pretty neat! Watch us play Wednesdays at 6:30 PM Central Time on Twitch: You can also view our randomizer settings here. You can also watch the vods on Youtube after the stream: