1. Nighthatty

    Comic Hoenn Critique Lv.3 Teen Other Adventure Diamond Dogs On Vacation! / A Alpha Sapphire Wonderlocke, with a MGSV crossover!

    HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO FOLKS! AND WELCOME TO MY ALPHA SAPPHIRE WONDERLOCKE, THAT IS TOTALLY NOT A METAL GEAR SOLID CROSSOVER! … okay yes it is one, it is a crossover but nevertheless, i am your host, NIGHTHATTY, A NEW PERSON/LURKER AROUND THESE FORUMS! now this has been a comic i wanted to make...
  2. Written Story Johto Teen Mon SoulSilver Randomized: Ficlocke - A run where I kin assign every Pokemon

    Hello! I'm Sami, any pronouns. Today I'm testing out a new run idea I had, inspired by stuff like Saltydkdan's Friendlocke series. I wanted to do a run similar to that, but I don't have enough interested friends for something that big. So I had the idea for something different! Ficlocke...
  3. Killjoy

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Commentary What Would Go Wrong? (except everything) [COMPLETE]

    I finished the gameplay for my Nuzcomic, so why the fuck not make a screenshot run while I will be dying over typing the comic lore and scripting? Hell yeah. This one has some tricky rules, but you can read it below. [/spoiler] Aaaaand- //i hit the "post" too fast, fuck//
  4. RedReaperPRJ

    Unova Mixed Media Teen Gijinka Grand Music Festival All-Stars! A Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Idolocke (ported)

    Alright, so i decided to start a new nuzlocke run. I have done it several times but these old runs were pretty boring, if i would say. So i decided to thrill myself with this twist. Thanks to ErynCerise for this Nuzlocke variant. First of all, i was interested in LLSIF after watching her...