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  1. Written Story Unova Mature Mon New (and dangerous) Adventure Begins!

    Hello! I'm entirely new to these forums, writing stories, and nuzlocking in general! I've only done two before myself, but I've heard they're a lot of fun from other friends, and writing stories over them seems like a great way to add to it. Short chapter, but I want to see any feedback...
  2. Salt&PepperBunny

    Written Story Spin-off Mature Other Adventure Solstice

    Best New Written Run 2020 Best Worldbuilding 2020 Five years ago, the sun went out. Since then, pokemon have lived in despair, simply waiting for the world to flicker out and finally end. Only the Church of the Sun sees hope for the future. They have prophesized that when the night has...
  3. RandomTrainer

    Comic Kanto Mature Mon The Ballad of Brett

    A Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke Challenge Join Brett, a young pokemon trainer, on his adventures through the Kanto region. Witness his struggles, achievements and failures, as he and his team of close companions make their journey to the Indigo Plateau in hopes of becoming Pokemon Champions! Rules...