critique level 5

  1. dreamsicle

    Written Story Kalos Mixed Media Teen Gijinka Margaux: A Pokemon X Nuzlocke

    Margaux wants nothing more than to lead a normal life, but after an accident costs her her memories, her power, and her freedom she’s left with a choice: live the rest of her life in shackles under the watchful eye of her vengeful father, or get the hell out while she still can. Hello my...
  2. overkill


  3. KV Productions

    Critique Lv.5 Art Comic Teen Goggles and Stickers

    I present to you my pokemon webcomic! "Goggles and Stickers"! This is the story of 2 Pikachus who, after living a very dangerous and exciting childhood, struggle settling down as they become free adults. What starts as an unclenchable thirst for adventure, an addiction to the thrill, and a...
  4. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Hoenn Critique Lv.5 Mature Hack Mon Lost Month

    Hello there, and welcome aboard. For those who doesn't know me (most of you, I assume), I'm Leon Yorunaki, previously known as Chester, and an old-time lurker. Granted, I was much more active a decade ago, and I decided to go back into roots and start posting my run back in the forums. Now...
  5. HalfTimeShow

    Comic Hoenn Teen Gijinka Moeblobs- A Moemon Emerald Comic

    I’ve been wanting to do another nuzlocke for ages, but every time I try to document a run I end up scrapping it before I post it because I’m never satisfied with what I make. This time around, I decided to throw that attitude in the dumpster and do a comic anyway!
  6. AnOddEncounter

    Screenshot Let's Play Mature AnOddEncounter becomes AnOddAceAttorney! A Blind Ace Attorney Let's Play!

    As you can see in the title, and in the thread desc, I am doing a blind playthrough of all the Ace Attorney games, spurred on by my youtube recommendations, me being a Danganronpa fan, and The Great Ace Attorney and the god himself "Herlock Shomes". So, let's get asexual and start attorney-ing...
  7. NothingButNuzlocke

    Video Johto Written Log Mature Commentary Hack NothingButNuzlocke Continues With Crystal

    Well, hello there. It's been a bit, hasn't it? I needed a rest after Red, but I've got plenty of Pokemon left to drill through, and you're coming with me. This'll be another combination Twitch Stream/VOD and Written Log of my adventures. I'm not as well-versed in the glitches and bugs in Gen 2...
  8. NothingButNuzlocke

    Video Kanto Written Log Mature Commentary Hack Mon NothingButNuzlocke's Very Long Project Begins With Red [COMPLETE]

    Hello, everyone! I'm very new to posting my adventures on forums, so please let me know if I am doing this correctly! I'll try to be as receptive to constructive criticism as I can. I'm NothingButNuzlocke! For a long time, I've wanted to begin a Twitch channel dedicated entirely to Nuzlocke...
  9. Clockenstein

    Written Story Sinnoh the color of heaven - a platinum storylocke

    Ad astra -- or so they say.
  10. Obelisk

    Unova Written Log General Teen Cycle of Hurting: Fifth Loop - A Unova Written Log

    After four god-awful attempts at Unova, including my last Written Log, I've decided I'm going to attack Unova once again. Yes, on the same c u r s e d copy of Pokemon White that I have. Welcome to Cycle of Hurting: Fifth Loop! I'm gonna lead off with the rules, as always: As of the writing...
  11. Wastelander Nick

    Comic Sinnoh General Mon Level Platinum Nuzlocke

    Hi, everyone! Here's my ongoing nuzlocke from Pokemon Platinum. The run is finished, but the comic is ongoing. It's my first time using a forum, so expect some edits upon edits, as I figure how it works :P Rules: Catch the first pokemon in every route. When a pokemon faints, this happens...
  12. ACottontail

    Comic Galar Teen Mon Questionable Influence - Sword Nuzlocke comic

    Welcome to Questionable Influence, a character driven dramedy nuzlocke comic that is a crossover between Pokemon Sword, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Mario(With big influences from Hatoful Boyfriend and Deltarune). It's a more laid back plot that focuses on having the team grow as they go...
  13. Garish Garchomp

    Written Story Galar Teen Other Adventure This Is a Low

    I love Galar. The region is gorgeous, the 'mons are great, and the characters are colorful as hell with so many hints and possible complexities and themes to draw from. I've wanted to do something with them for so long, but hadn't written anything other than a couple kinda drabbly things in the...
  14. Tookie

    Written Story Original Teen Like a Weed

    Why am I starting yet another project when I already have several big writey things on the go? Because brain goblins do as they please. Welcome to Like a Weed, a pile of self-indulgent bullshit that's set in Galar that basically exists to address the "this guy who writes exclusively for a...
  15. antingaround

    Comic Alola Teen Mon it's always sunny in alola [page 10]

    welcome everyone! it's antingaround/nicole again, and this time i'm back with something that took slightly more effort to make than that god-forsaken insurgence run 😊 so... without further ado, i present to you... it's always sunny in alola nuzforums users agree! this is the best worst alola...
  16. Uncle Pine

    And I would play 500 more

    Oh hi fellow nuzlockers, I didn't see you there. Hello, I'm Uncle Pine. You may remember me from nuzlockes such as "Student Exchange" or "De acuerdo con todas las leyes conocidas de aviación". Nowadays I still enjoy playing just as much, but I don't have the time to fully document my runs...
  17. JavierE64

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon [COMPLETED] The Last of Me: A Crystal Storylocke

    In a world Ravaged by the Legendaries, the one surviving human must traverse his Home Region of Johto in an dangerous adventure. With the help of his only friends, The Pokémon, he must face off against the dangers of the land, who are also Pokémon. Surprise, here´s a brand new Storylocke from...
  18. Sanctell

    Comic Sinnoh Mature Mon Debtlocked

    ||Deviantart || Comic Fury || How far would you go for freedom? Out of time and out of options, a homeless university student faced with an insurmountable debt finds one last hope for freedom and survival : beating the Nuzlocke Challenge. Start >> ~No set update schedule. Pages will be...
  19. "Absolutely Certain"

    howdy gamers today we read pokemon fanfiction

    WELCOME TO MY TWISTED MIND Prepare To Blast Off Into CyberSex > put in every single run i remember reading > update descriptions > replace dA links w/forum ones if applicable > do a review. or two. or three > probably add snippets of the runs too i guess this is this it isgoign to be the...
  20. HalfTimeShow

    Written Story Screenshot Mixed Media [MW2] Fraidy Cat

    MIRROR WORLD 2: THE COWARD This is my first real story-driven run, so I'm a little nervous, but I'm excited to learn as I go. Note: may have weird tonal whiplash throughout, I used to be into Homestuck so my sense of humor and tone is permanently skewed.