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critique level 4

  1. Trollkitten

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: What Once Was Mine

    Before the Eeveetar... Before the wraiths... Before Eureka... Three thousand years ago, the Great Cataclysm washed over Aetherai, changing our world forever. And this is the story of how. Flower, gleam and glow Let your power shine Make the clock reverse Bring back what once was mine...
  2. MorbidPistachio

    Written Story Kanto Gijinka A Slice of Nuzlocke Story, Starring Green

    Whelp. Here we go. I've been dying to do a Nuzlocke since forever, and for some reason I finally worked up the courage to start one! That run ended by me wiping out to Blue in the champion fight. So here's a way for me to practice my (very rusty) writing chops as I go through the events of my...
  3. SayleeK

    Written Story Kalos Teen All Our Futures: A Y Giftlocke

    Behold, something that's been sitting on my back burner for half a year before I finally figured out how to actually write it during Nano this year! Inspired by excellent short works like @Garish Garchomp 's This Is A Low and @glancesherlock 's A Light For The Lost, I wanted to take on the...
  4. Kirilish

    Written Story Unova Mature Gijinka Bla:Zero [Pokemon Blaze Black Gijinka Returnlocke]

    SUMMARY: Nico's best friend caught God. Then the world ended, and Nico died. Surprisingly, that's only how this story starts. When Nico finds themself, alive, in a world full of hybrids known as Mon - and in a body of a Mon - they meet Māni, a Mareep Mon, as well as a saintess tasked with...
  5. Wenitzb

    Screenshot Sinnoh General Platinum, but without the 'E'.

    Hello again Nuzlocke Forums! 2 months ago I made a post here of my run where I challenged myself to beat Pokémon Emerald without using any Pokémon, attacks, or items with an 'E' in their names. Today, I am here to attempt the same challenge in the mildly harder Platinum version. Here are the...
  6. E-bot

    Screenshot Johto Teen Commentary Mon Second Step - A Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke

    Introductions Pokemon Crystal is the game that truly introduced me and got me hooked into the Pokemon franchise when I was a kid. I had lots of fun playing it back in elementary school, and the sheer size of the game (comparable to other games during the time) kept me occupied for a considerable...
  7. Trollkitten

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon A Trace of Magic: Seeing Red -- after a hiatus, Chapter 22 is up!

  8. Wenitzb

    Screenshot Hoenn A Nuzlock_ of _m_rald v_rsion wh_r_ I chall_ng_d mys_lf to forbid th_ usag_ of any Pokémon/attacks/it_ms with a c_rtain capital l_tt_r in th_m.

    Hello Nuzlocke Forums! I'm Wenitzb. Over a month ago I made a post on the Pokémon subreddit sharing my Nuzlocke with them. Today, over a month late, I had an epiphany that could surely only be described as genius. "What if I shared my Nuzlocke with people (and get this) who like Nuzlockes?"...
  9. SayleeK

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Fight/Flight/Freeze: A BW2 Nuzlocke

    Two years after Plasma destroyed the Pokemon League and spread their reach across Unova, those who would resist their rule have three choices: run and hide, fight back, or die under the unnatural, unbreakable ice that's slowly consuming the country. Unfortunately for Ghetsis Harmonia, some...
  10. Giogeth

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Flickering stars

    Flickering stars Welcome to the tapu islands a island chain full of adventure criminals and mysterious artifacts scattered about. The guilds on the islands each help train various rescue teams to hunt out the many criminals and bring some sembalance of peace among the islands. But what happens...
  11. Ayanami

    Comic Kalos Teen Mon Pokemon X Nuzlocke Challenge - Starved For Love

    A little on myself Hello, my name is Ayanami, I've been playing pokemon since I was 5 and been a fan ever since, I also discovered Nuzlocke Challenges with the original Pokemon Hard Mode Comic 6 years or so ago and have since wanted to make my own comic. Earlier this year I decided to attempt...
  12. goldenskald

    Written Story Unova Teen Gijinka Renegade of Ideals(Randomized Classlocke)

    Hello everyone this is my advice; always take notes when you do nuzlocke runs. Because then, when you realize you had nothing truly planned for NaNoWriMo on November 1st, you can just take it and roll with it. This is a Randomized Gijinka Classlocke of Pokemon White. Not too unlike my current...
  13. SayleeK

    Written Story Galar Mature Mon Ignoble Idolatry: A Scottish Shield Nuzlocke

    Legacy casts some big shadows to escape, but that's what Mhairi and Hop are hoping to do by participating in this year's Alban Grand League. It's one of the most intense sporting events in the world, but in Alba, sports are never just about sports... (Beautiful banner by the endlessly...
  14. Trollkitten

    Written Story Kalos Written Log Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Lines Crossed (INCOMPLETE)

    So @RubyClaw made this awesome lorelocke ruleset, and I've been playing several different games using this ruleset. But then sometime when I was working on a recent chapter of Ori's Gift, I started delving into the lore of an Unova/Kalos/Galar war that's heavily based off of The Ruin Maniac...
  15. sealclown

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon simple. (a pokemon emerald monotype nuzcomic.)

    a pokemon emerald normal-type monolocke. or, being a kid on a journey with your magical animal friends. ---- hi there! i've been wanting to make a comic for a long time, until i realized i could just... start making one, instead of just thinking about it really hard. this is based on one of my...
  16. Magicforbeginners

    Thumper: A Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    Welcome to my shoddy attempt at a comic! I used to be an old user of these forums back in 2016-17, and while I was there I wrote a couple of nuzlocke stories. The first was My Immortal levels of pain, the second was mediocre teen fan fiction. The improvement? Marked. I hate those old stories...
  17. Rumors

    Written Story Unova Teen Eclipsed Dawn (Moving to AO3)

    Hello. Unfortunately, this post will not be an update to Eclipsed Dawn, as much as I would have wanted it to be. I am sorry to say but there will no longer be any more updates to Eclipsed Dawn or any of my other works on the Nuzlocke Forums. I was originally intending to make a soft departure...
  18. cjapples

    Written Story Spin-off Teen Gijinka The Space Between Seconds

    The Space between Seconds A PMD: Explorers of Sky Gjinka storylocke Alex, holder of a strange artifact, is on the run from masked bandits and a mysterious past. When he rescues a half-drowned amnesiac, the two quickly form a partnership that will change the world as they know it. Will they be...
  19. Kirilish

    Written Story Galar Teen Her Story - A Pokemon Shield Storylocke

    HER STORY A POKEMON SWORD STORYLOCKE Welcome one, welcome all, to a storylocke that started out as a normal nuzlocke log but then sort of spiraled into.....multilayered fanfiction. Yeah, that happens a lot. Speaking of fanfiction, this 'locke is also mirrored on AO3 if anybody prefers reading...
  20. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Brotherhood

    Thank you for the cover, @Picket Furret ! Read on AO3 here! Beta read by @Salt&PepperBunny ! (Because I keep forgetting to credit you in the updates. :x) [/spoiler] Their Story “He’s Not Dead” [3/1] "He Decides That It Will Be Different This Time" [3/15] "He Doesn't Want A...