critique level 2

  1. Pale smoke

    Written Story Ready to die - A Glazed Cookie run Castlocke

    Welcome to my Castlocke, Ready to die! How I have motivation for this and not my other two nuzlockes I have no idea, but I guess that's just how the cookie crumbles... Actually considering what this is a castlocke of that term is a bit terrible- If you know what a castlocke is then you know...
  2. Sparklepop

    Written Story Johto Written Log Teen The Rainbow Star - A Pokémon HeartGold Nuzlocke

    Hello there! My name is Sparklepop and I am an aspiring writer and Pokémon fan. You may know me for my Abomi Nation playthrough or for the numerous failed runs that I have done in the past, but after having a writing slot cleared in my schedule and a burning desire to do a nuzlocke. I have...
  3. JavierE64

    Written Story Kalos General Mon The Adventures of Fiona and Team Gale Wings. A PMD-Based X Storylocke

    "When a small Flabébé wakes up in an unknown place, with no memories of her past; it’s up to her and a team of unlikely Pokémon to get to the bottom of this, while having wonderful adventures along the way." Alas, It’s finally here. After years of planning, this run is finally here. Inspired by...
  4. Pale smoke

    Written Story Fan Game Mature Gijinka Children of the last day - A sweet tooth inspired pokemon Prism nuzlocke

    So uh I got into Sweet tooth a bit recently So I thought "What if I incorporated that into a nuzlocke. So Welcome to "Children of the last day"
  5. Uberle

    Written Story Kanto Teen Greens, Eggs, and Ham

    'Ello I am Uberle And this is a thing I started at the beginning of the year after running into a bit of a wall with my other runs And then I finished it So here it is Quite enjoyed writing this series Chapters are a lot shorter than I normally do, so shouldn't take too much of your time This...
  6. Fool

    Comic Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Mon You're Not Special [CANCELLED]

    Disclaimer: Hi. So... this isn't the big storylocke idea that I've had on the backburner for the past two months. Instead this is (much like that storylocke) a coping project for myself. As I've said and probably will say many times over, I suffer from chronic depression. It is a feeling that...
  7. Smoothie

    Written Story Screenshot Hoenn General Hack Mon Seigi No Ken (Sword of Justice) - A Theta Emerald Renev StoryShot

    Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you all to the pinnacle of my creativity. My most ambitious work to date which I hope will inspire you a little bit too. This StoryShot (A Screenshot run combined with a Written Story) was born from the desire I have had for so long to share a story with...
  8. Pentatope

    Screenshot Alola General Commentary Lofi - Beats to lose your starter to [Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke]

    Lofi - Beats to lose your starter to [Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke] “Your weekly subscription of chill, Ultra Sun Nuzlocke. Updates 1-2 Weekly” [/FONT][/SIZE] [/SPOILER]
  9. SprungGeoduck

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Let Them Eat Cake - an Emerald storylocke

    It's been a while. (Banner by the incredible Rainey!) All Chloe Belrose wanted to do on her summer vacation was soak up the Hoennese sun, watch some Contests, throw a bit of money around, and maybe meet an idol or two. Unfortunately for our young Lumiose socialite, life in Hoenn is rarely...
  10. moonfly

    Written Story Hoenn General Mon Drifting Lilies - a Pokémon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

    Hey everyone! I’m moonfly, and I’m extremely new. I’ve done nuzlockes for maybe a year? Two? Now, but discovered the nuzlocke discord just about a month ago when looking for people to chat about my runs to, and from there found out about nuzlocke forums and that posting stories of your nuzlocke...
  11. Aurea

    Written Story Galar Mature dandelion

    The eve of summer brings change, warmth, and new beginnings. Years have passed since Sonia's own failed attempt at the League, but time alone does not heal wounds.
  12. Pale smoke

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Hack Throne of lies and bloodlines- A renegade platinum nuzlocke (on indefinite hiatus)

    Ok so this is the master post to each post of the nuzlocke (So that people don't get lost) Another thing is the rules Rule 1- If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead and must be kept in the box. Rule 2- you can only catch the first Pokemon on a route, if it faints or runs away then tough...
  13. Kirilish

    Comic Unova Teen This World We Share [B/W Randomized Soul Link]

    GAME STATUS: COMPLETE | COMIC STATUS: ONGOING (PART 1) SUMMARY Luka Ersatz is a rising idol taking on the gym challenge for the sake of reality TV, armed only with his Pokedex and a Dratini who acts more like his mother than his partner. Lucy Rowan is an unregistered trainer threatening to...
  14. gettingehedofmyself

    Written Story Kanto Mature Mon EHED- A FireRed Nuzlocke

    Hello everyone! I'm PJ and I've been working on this dang story for about 5 years now. The game itself was completed, gosh, 4 years ago? I just ended up deciding to torment myself one summer and here we are. Titled "Everything Hurts and Everyone Dies" by my hilarious younger sister, this is...
  15. HardlyStellar

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Other Adventure Partner Swap - A Pokémon Emerald Storylocke

    Partner Swap is my first real attempt at a storylocke. Coincidentally, it's also my first serious attempt at a nuzlocke in quite a while. And while I am a soon-to-be-published author (was that bragging subtle enough?), this little side-project of mine doesn't have the benefit of being written in...
  16. Faleep

    Written Story Unova Mature Don’t Evolve

    Okay i have no self control and this has been sitting in my unpost wips folder for forever and i keep telling myself to post this damn thing so here y’all take this piece of something. If Unova wasnt already hard enough of a run, i decided to take a ruleset to the max and this came out of it...
  17. Tookie

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Cockroach- Has Isekai gone too far?

    Hello, and welcome to... yeah. Veteran Isekai protagonist in a world where everything he knows is a lie. Gonna be fun! Heads up; this one may end up alluding to The Violences down the road, though if anything particularly Heads Up-worthy crops up in specific posts CWs will be applied. Fingers...
  18. Heather

    Written Story Kalos A Way Of Life: A Pokemon X Storylocke

    BAH GAWD. BAH GAWD SHE'S DOING IT. SHE'S TAKING ANOTHER STAB AT WRITING, FOLKS EDIT: Also, taking the new critique tagging system for a test drive. Okay that's enough ham. Welcome to A Way of Life! This is...not all that special in terms of the nature of the run. What's special is this story...
  19. Sterling-Starlight

    Written Story Alola General Mon Moon in The Daytime (Ultra Moon Nuzlocke)