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  1. CascadeWaterfall

    Screenshot Sinnoh Commentary Roll of the Dice: "Reasonably Randomized" Platinum Nuzlocke

    Roll of the Dice Hello readers! I am Cascade, and I will be playing a "Reasonably Randomized" Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke. I am pretty new to this forum, this is my first post actually, but i have done Nuzlockes before. I am very excited to do this playthrough! I will try to keep things...
  2. necrobinical

    Kanto Mixed Media Teen Mon NO ONE'S GRAY: Kanto Black Colorlocke

    NO ONE'S GRAY A KANTO BLACK COLORLOCKE Gray is a new trainer, born and raised in a tiny town lacking any real stimuli for a growing mind. So, Gray applied for their trainer's license, and the SECOND they obtain it, they ditch their mother and head on their adventure through Kanova. Gray's first...