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  1. DistortionLocke

    Written Story Galar Teen Changeling Rival's Contingency Planning System

    This run is what happens when your humble nuzlocker becomes obsessed with isekai/transmigration/portal fantasy stories, especially Scum Villain's Self-Saving System. Summary: After being crushed to death by a chandelier, Jaime finds himself in the world of his most hated game: Pokémon Sword...
  2. WildfireWhim

    Written Story Sinnoh General Mon Purls & Stitches: a storylocke

    Purls & Stitches Liza’s grandson left on his pokémon journey as soon as he turned 19, leaving his Gran with a carefully knitted birthday gift sweater and no one to give it to. Undeterred, Liza sets off on a journey of her own. Her mission: to give her grandson his birthday gift even if she has...
  3. glancesherlock

    Written Story Galar Teen Brick by Boring Brick

    This is all @Whozawhatcha 's fault. Well, not her fault that it's written, but her fault that it's here. Cause I've been scared/embarrassed to show this to the forums, but then she went and posted The Applin of My Eye, and I thought... I need to grow a spine. This is a self-indulgent romcom...
  4. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Galar Teen The Applin Of My Eye

    Hey so I've been writing a thing for a while that's basically just an excuse to be as saccharine and as southern as possible. Are we still in Galar? Or are we in deep Antebellum South? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. Anyways. This is a Wooloo Nuzlocke! Where I only used Wooloo! Because wynaut, am I...
  5. Bug

    Art Showcase The Insectarium — Bug’s art gallery

    I totally stole the title from Dusty, may he Rest In Peace. this is just a place on the forum for me to drop my art. For the most part, my art is pretty personal and I don’t usually do crit just because of the nature of it being an outlet. But if you do want to have a critical discussion...
  6. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Unova Mature ~Ghost in the Machine~

    A Black 2 Nuzlocke Unwittingly a ghost/steel/psychic-locke by sheer circumstance Loosely based on the Great Depression period I make no promises Newly edited for a MATURE disclaimer because the second chapter is getting gritty Synopsis: Life sucks when you have the worst job in the pokemon...