crit level 5

  1. zombie-zcorge

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke

    Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke Comic By Zombie-Zcorge Hey! Welcome to my Nuzlocke comic, Bloom! This is based off a real playthrough of Ultra Moon that has been documented from start to finish. The actual playthrough ran from 2/20/22 to 3/4/22. Some fights will be altered and some Pokemon will...
  2. bread

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto Teen A Totally Normal FireRed Nuzlocke

    Uhh, Hi! Just another FireRed run, nothing to see here~! Walks away while whistling... I will ATTEMPT to be consistent with this, but who knows, maybe I'll drop this like a hot potato... Also totally didn't accidentally post this thread before I was done with this, and you can't prove it!
  3. Tookie

    Written Story Mature Astra Crystallum

    Once upon a time, in the strange and confusing year of 2020, there was a gijinka run of Emerald, by the name of Astra Crystallum. It was many things- character heavy, full of banter and very ambitious in scope. It was also my first project on these forums worth being regarded as an actual...
  4. Bug

    Process Perception check!

    Sometimes, as creatives, we are our own worst critic. Or even worse, we beat down on our work with no constructive sense. It can be extremely useful at times to have an outside perspective, for multiple reasons. The idea behind the thread is that you provide a creative subject or item you need...
  5. Ymir

    Screenshot Johto Teen Chaos Kaleidoscope

    So, I realized I like writing, and I want to improve my writing a lot. However, I also like the linearity screenshots provide. So... let's go.
  6. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Screenshot Johto Written Log Critique Lv.5 Teen Commentary [FAILED] Paper Bowser and the Thousand-Year Grind

    Updates between training sessions. You see, it all started when Bowser got interested in the lorelocke ruleset and thought Johto, the region in Pokemon that seems to be the most “old-fashioned” or in-tune with its legends, would be an appropriate setting… [/TD] [/TR] Cragley (Route 46)...
  7. Wwarborday

    Written Story Teen Knights of Cydonia

    Hello! Welcome to Knights of Cydonia, that Kalos run I've been teasing for forever. This is, once again, an all human, real world story. It's uh... experimental? Here's the song, btw. Updates for this baby are gonna be about three months apart. (I'm busy, guys.) Thanks for reading...
  8. overkill