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crit level 3

  1. crashcrashcrash

    Written Story Alola Critique Lv.3 Teen Mon The Lesser of Two Evils

    Greetings! Crash here. Locker, writer, ‘vivor, that one. Yes I know Nuzvivor hasn’t even been over for a week saldagfdfjah but there’s only so much summer left, and no time like the present, right? So! The Lesser of Two Evils An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke Basically: Alola but axe the player, Hau...
  2. MegaInfernape

    Written Story Kalos Mature Gijinka Hope Is Never Lost - A Gijinka Wedlocke of Pokemon X

    Hello! Thank you for deciding to read this mess I'm calling a story. As the title says this is a retelling of a Pokemon X wedlocke that I finished last year. Nothing more to say here really. It's storytime! Queen Diantha has been in power for years holding her grip on Kalos. Not everyone is...
  3. Corviknight best birb

    Written Story Kanto Mature Mon After the War - A Pokemon Red Apocalocke

    Time for another nuzlocke with a very inconsistent update schedule! Gen 1, while generally considered one of, if not the easiest generation to nuzlocke, I thought, what if it wasn't? And so here we are. Enjoy making fun of reading this! in case anyone is wondering, the rules are based of this...
  4. bumblebee

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Strength and Other Disillusions

    Updates every other Friday. In which our protagonist kicks a bat, a duck and a sentient loud speaker duke it out, and a gift is given. [/SPOILER]
  5. Gecko

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Soul Brothers [COMPLETED; SoulSilver Nuzlocke comic]

    Corey and his adoptive brother, Ty the Totodile, are inseparable siblings ready to take the League challenge together! But their adventure may hold more than they ever bargained for... Teen rating for occasional swearing, violence, and mild blood. Open to constructive feedback about the art...
  6. Thirteenth

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Mon The Last Vestiges: A CYOA of Renegade Platinum

    about rules table of contents < 1 > awakening
  7. R

    Written Story Johto Mature Retro Wars: A Pokemon Plata Nuzlocke

    Pokemon Plata: It's Pokemon Silver, but everything is in Spanish and metric, and the AI is a dick. Content Warnings: Major character death, violence, gore, swearing (including foreign curse words), NSFW references Rules: 1. If a Pokemon faints, it dies. 2. You may only catch the first...
  8. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Alola Teen Come Hell Or High Water

    [/SPOILER] Crippled by loss and grief, an aura guardian flees her homeland to Alola to stay with her cousin and recover. Despite running from a war, she swiftly finds herself involved with another, this time from forces far beyond her world. In order to confront her fears and recover from old...
  9. Aurea

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Mon Impulse

    For most in Sinnoh, Pokemon training is a way of life. For Nat, it's a means of survival. Welcome to Impulse, a Diamond storylocke based on my first ever Nuzlocke run. I first posted this story in 2012 on the old forums, and I am very excited to take the opportunity to start posting updated...