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  1. Tinysweetbunny

    Hello Starchild - PMD Comic!

    Hello Starchild - PMD COMIC Helloooo! First time on the forums! Some friends recommended I promo my comic here! It's my first-ever proper attempt at a comic starring some of my pmd characters! It's pretty new so it's not even a year old yet buuut I think it's still worth a read! ^^ The...
  2. DIO

    Nuzlocke FCR Directory

    Link to the directory I got bored and compiled a bunch of series from the FCR/Creative Content section, plus external sources. There's over 150 works listed on the spreadsheet, so if you're looking for something new to read, you should be well covered. The spreadsheet is split up by region...
  3. Bug

    Feature [August 23, 2019] Leftovers: a Hoenn Saga [Pcaara]

    Howdy, Nuzlocke Forums! Long time, no feature, huh? For those of you who may be new here, I'm Bug! I do a lot here and there around the forums, but from time to time I like to shine a spotlight on the content of my fellow forum goers. And hey, speaking of new, here is a comic that is one of my...