1. No Roads Home Cover

    No Roads Home Cover

    Cover for No Roads Home, a Colosseum Nuzlocke comic
  2. Dirtwig-Draws

    Comic Galar Mature Mon Broken Sword Nuzlocke

    Moira Gladstone, daughter of Layla "Stonewall" Gladstone, sets off on her Gym Challenge. But a shadow looms out of sight. Is it the shadow of prophecy? Hidden machinations ? Her past? Or all three? Content Warning: Alcohol/ tobacco use, blood, death, strong language, mentions of sexual content...
  3. Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke (Cover)

    Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke (Cover)

    Rules: Only catch the first pokemon in every new area Nickname all pokemon If they faint, they’re dead (perma-box them!) No revives or repels Hi, welcome to my Blue nuzlocke! Hope you enjoy! :D
  4. simple. cover

    simple. cover

    its a cover, dang!
  5. Debtlocked Cover

    Debtlocked Cover

  6. FAULT LINE // cover #1

    FAULT LINE // cover #1

  7. Comic Cover

    Comic Cover

    Journey of 1000 miles~
  8. Cover