1. DIO

    Comic Collaborative Fan Apps Open Teen (OPEN) Nuzlocke Abridged: A Collaborative Nuzlocke Comic

    Are you tired of nuzlocke comics being canned or delayed? God, me too. So that's why me and a couple of victims friends (community veterans) are now accepting applications for the... NUZLOCKE ABRIDGED COLLAB! But wait? What is the NUZLOCKE ABRIDGED COLLAB, you ask? Well, it's a community...
  2. Guma's Top 10 Pokemon Explained

    This is the Nuzlocke Community Top 50 thread, where I posted my top 10 favorite Pokemon in. After editing it multiple times, I feel like I should explain my final list. #10. Chansey JP name: Lucky I mentioned on Discord that Pokemon tends to get the most creative with its Normal-types...
  3. bread

    Video Games Modded Terraria Server - Thorium / Calamity Expert Playthrough!

    Hey all! If you have been active on the Discord server, you may have noticed a few people talking about Terraria over the last couple weeks or so. Well, it is my great pleasure to invite the community to our next playthrough- Dr. Dastardly's Dangerous Dimension or: How I Learned to Stop...