commentary/story mix

  1. SirWilson17

    Video Spin-off Commentary Mon Let's Play: Pokemon Colosseum, a Nuzlocke Challenge

    Hello, my name is Sir Wilson! This is my first post on this site and into this Fan Challenge Runs forum! This thread post features my Pokemon Colosseum, Nuzlocke Challenge that I livestream on Twitch and upload the stream archives to YouTube. In this challenge, I take on the unique double-battle...
  2. Human Nature - A Black Story/Log

    Well, here we are. This is my first Nuzlocke I have posted on this forum (I haven't really taken notes in previous ones). This will be a mixed commentary and story run - the battles and Pokémon info will be commentary-style, but the game plot/human characters will be handled in a story format...
  3. Thirteenth

    Written Story Written Log General Commentary Mon The Dream Weaver, at Sunset

    T_h_e_ D_r_e_a_m_ W_e_a_v_e_r_,_ a_t_ S_u_n_s_e_t a b o u t r u l e s t a b l e__o f__c o n t e n t s
  4. QuietGuardian

    Written Log Hoenn [Completed]Conquerors: An Emerald Written Log

    When I first got into Nuzlocking, I was excited at the prospect of taking a game with extra rules and making a story out of it. However, as I got into doing so, I discovered more and more possibilities for things to work on, and the adaptation of my first ever Nuzlocke run—an Emerald storylocke...