commentary/story mix

  1. Human Nature - A Black Story/Log

    Well, here we are. This is my first Nuzlocke I have posted on this forum (I haven't really taken notes in previous ones). This will be a mixed commentary and story run - the battles and Pokémon info will be commentary-style, but the game plot/human characters will be handled in a story format...
  2. Thirteenth

    Written Story Written Log General Commentary Mon The Dream Weaver, at Sunset

    T_h_e_ D_r_e_a_m_ W_e_a_v_e_r_,_ a_t_ S_u_n_s_e_t a b o u t r u l e s t a b l e__o f__c o n t e n t s
  3. QuietGuardian

    Written Log Hoenn [Completed]Conquerors: An Emerald Written Log

    When I first got into Nuzlocking, I was excited at the prospect of taking a game with extra rules and making a story out of it. However, as I got into doing so, I discovered more and more possibilities for things to work on, and the adaptation of my first ever Nuzlocke run—an Emerald storylocke...