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  1. DetectiveZvarri

    Video Hoenn Teen Mon Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Run(Updates Sunday/Wednesday)

    Hello, I am starting a pokemon emerald nuzlocke run that I will update twice a week. This is my first ever nuzlocke run, but I've played through emerald and all the other pokemon games a bajillion times. I will be doing voice commentary for every single video. I apologize if the mic is a bit...
  2. NothingButNuzlocke

    Video Kanto Written Log Mature Commentary Hack Mon NothingButNuzlocke's Very Long Project Begins With Red [COMPLETE]

    Hello, everyone! I'm very new to posting my adventures on forums, so please let me know if I am doing this correctly! I'll try to be as receptive to constructive criticism as I can. I'm NothingButNuzlocke! For a long time, I've wanted to begin a Twitch channel dedicated entirely to Nuzlocke...
  3. pikafan96

    Screenshot [UCL3] The Pika Power Hour!

    Hey there everyone - I decided to take a look around the forums and came across this event. I then thought to myself; "hey, this is a great excuse to do that Pikachu thing you wanted to do when you were younger!" So here I am. When I was a kid I always wanted to beat all of the Pokemon games...
  4. NightFlowerLuv

    Screenshot Teen UCL3 - Luv's Globe-Trotting Gauntlet

    Alright ladies and gents, let's get this party freaking started! It's honestly been ages since I played FireRed so this is going to either go extremely well or extremely poorly. Thankfully FRLG aren't too difficult to Nuzlocke in general from what I remember? But again, it has been ages, so who...
  5. Zelad

    Video Hoenn General Commentary Hack A Strange New World - Zelad's Emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke Let's Play

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've known about this place for a while, posted a tiny bit a year or so ago, and decided I wanted to have another go at Nuzlocking. I was having so much fun that I decided to start a Let's Play video series. I hope it takes off and gets through to completion...
  6. Pentatope

    Screenshot Alola General Commentary Lofi - Beats to lose your starter to [Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke]

    Lofi - Beats to lose your starter to [Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke] “Your weekly subscription of chill, Ultra Sun Nuzlocke. Updates 1-2 Weekly” [/FONT][/SIZE] [/SPOILER]
  7. Arbitrary

    Johto Written Log Mature Commentary Other Adventure Can you beat Soul Silver with JUST a Cacturne?

    Hello everyone! So anyone who reads my statuses knows that I lost my second Cacturne in a run and I was super pissed. To the point where I started brainstorming a hypothetical solo-Cacturne run in a game... that's about to become not so hypothetical. I can't imagine anyone has ever done a...
  8. Second

    Screenshot Kanto Teen I Have Regrets, but in Reverse: Second Plays Der Erif

    Okay so I thought earlier that "haha everyone's doing run pranks for April Fools. I should do a prank where I pretend I'm gonna do a run of Der Erif, which isn't something I'd do to myself, because as much as I love the hack I also don't hate myself." That was my first mistake. This is gonna...
  9. Killjoy

    Screenshot [UCL 2] What We Do in the Shadows [Incomplete]

    I don't have most creative title, but I guess it fits. At least it's not super edgy I guess. And while my favourite type is Dragon (and Fairy), I thought Dark/Ghost runs will be more interesting. And batshit hard. And most of my fave character specialise in those types, hell yeah. [/spoiler]...
  10. Memento

    Screenshot Fan Mature I'm About to End That Boss's Whole Career: A Dragon Warrior/Quest 3 Commentary.

    Well, this is going to be something until I can stop procrastinating get back into writing. If y'all don't know what Dragon Quest 3 is about, think role-playing game in a medieval world where you fight monsters (in Dragon Warrior Monsters, you can recruit monsters instead of humans, but I...
  11. CompleteWingback

    "Thanks, Drayano": A Pokémon Storm Silver Charitylocke!

    ===== Welcome, folks! This is my first run both in this forum, and as a whole, since it was also my first ever run on Tapatalk. Instead of having it ported over as I previously intended, I decided to fix a few nooks and crannies as I repost the run gradually – giving me time to cook up the...
  12. Couples-Consoling

    Video Unova Teen Commentary Mon Couple's Consoling Pokemon White Nuzlocke!

    Hello, and thanks for checking out the thread! My name's David, and I'm doing a Let's Play of Pokemon White with my wife Ali, who BARELY remembers this game from when she played like 9 years ago. We're having a blast, and have episodes coming out every Monday at 9 am on youtube! We'll be...