coming of age

  1. Bug

    Comic Hoenn 🌠 Stardust Road

    🌠 Stardust Roadan Emerald Nuzlocke Comic Releasing Feb. 25th [TABS width=100%] Summary All Jamie has ever wanted to do is live a life with Pokémon in it, but her family won’t let her. So when the opportunity to take up a research job and explore the region presents itself, she springs at the...
  2. Clockenstein

    Written Story Unova Teen seasonchild - a black nuzlocke

    banner: rainey seasonchild is a story about things that change. i originally started this at the beginning of this year as a project in forcing myself to write on a regular schedule. some things don't pan out, least of which was the bad idea of playing my save over an existing one (which meant...
  3. Sterling-Starlight

    Written Story Alola General Mon Moon in The Daytime (Ultra Moon Nuzlocke)

  4. Dee

    Written Story Unova General Gijinka Search for Yesterday: A Black Notepad Story (reupload)

    Note: This is a complete story that finished earlier this year. I am reuploading it here on the new forums one chapter a week until completed. Those who wish to read the entire thing can check out my DeviantArt gallery, which contains all chapters. (A very special thanks to @Rainey for the...
  5. Aurea

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Mon Impulse

    For most in Sinnoh, Pokemon training is a way of life. For Nat, it's a means of survival. Welcome to Impulse, a Diamond storylocke based on my first ever Nuzlocke run. I first posted this story in 2012 on the old forums, and I am very excited to take the opportunity to start posting updated...
  6. effsnares

    Comic Kanto General The Pokédex Project

    Cover art Updates monthly for now. I'm aiming for this comic to be comfortable to read for everyone, but it contains some (non-graphic) blood and violence, upsetting themes, and unintentional and intentional misgendering. The darker themes are handled in a hopefully tactful and non-graphic...
  7. glancesherlock

    Written Story Kanto General Looking Backward: A Yellow MemoryLocke

    This is a self-reflective storylocke that explores not only the tropes and world of the Gen 1 storyline, but my personal life and how I've changed as a person throughout the years. Looking Backward is a passion project in the works for nearly three years now. It's been with me as I graduated...