1. Waweezer

    Nuzlocke General Video Games How did you get into Nuzlockes, and why did you start making Nuzlocke Comics/Stories?

    I don’t think I have seen anybody ask this question in the forums so might as well. I learned about nuzlockes through Jwittz and thought it was pretty cool.After watching some YouTubers do nuzlockes, I decided to do some of my own. It quickly became my favorite way to play Pokémon, it was so...
  2. YumeTsuki

    Comic Collaborative Original Teen Belumination OCT

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This comic contains violence, mild gore and foul language. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is an Original...
  3. mizar

    Comic Artists- What's your process?

    Pretty much what the title says. Are you the type that makes pages in chapters at a time before you start releasing? Or are you the polar opposite and put the tracks down as you go? Same with lineart, coloring, bgs... do you go one page at a time? Is your story planned out completely? How do...
  4. "Absolutely Certain"

    Other Media Mixed Media #001 (Ultimate Communitylocke)

    even though Pantsing's going through extravaganza right now and is in desperate need of updating, i've decided that i don't have enough runs! I recommend reading the below spoiler to understand this run a bit more, as well as understanding why the style is... the way that it is. GAME...