1. snowyzombie

    Fan Process Teen New, Starting a Comic and Looking for Beta Readers

    Hi everyone! Hope this is all in a good space, I did a little bit of scouring of rules and guidelines and stuff. The short and sweet is in the title. I've been doing some fun, goofy comics, but I've also been working on a more serious one - goof still around, but not the main focus. I'm looking...
  2. Waweezer

    Nuzlocke General Video Games How did you get into Nuzlockes, and why did you start making Nuzlocke Comics/Stories?

    I don’t think I have seen anybody ask this question in the forums so might as well. I learned about nuzlockes through Jwittz and thought it was pretty cool.After watching some YouTubers do nuzlockes, I decided to do some of my own. It quickly became my favorite way to play Pokémon, it was so...
  3. YumeTsuki

    Comic Collaborative Original Teen Belumination OCT

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This comic contains violence, mild gore and foul language. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is an Original...
  4. mizar

    Comic Artists- What's your process?

    Pretty much what the title says. Are you the type that makes pages in chapters at a time before you start releasing? Or are you the polar opposite and put the tracks down as you go? Same with lineart, coloring, bgs... do you go one page at a time? Is your story planned out completely? How do...
  5. "Absolutely Certain"

    Other Media Mixed Media #001 (Ultimate Communitylocke)

    even though Pantsing's going through extravaganza right now and is in desperate need of updating, i've decided that i don't have enough runs! I recommend reading the below spoiler to understand this run a bit more, as well as understanding why the style is... the way that it is. GAME...