1. Lhen

    Comic Galar General Mon Lhen's Shield Nuzlocke/Currylocke

    Welcome all!! Hello hello! and welcome to my personal Shield Nuzlocke. Rules are the basic ones, plus I can't use items in battle but held items, pokémon can only evolve if they gained the level needed to evolve through a gym/elite four battle, and I can only get gifted pokémon at the...
  2. Sarbear

    Comic Kalos Mature Gijinka The Restless - A Y Version Gijinkalocke

    After the death of her mother, Vanessa decides a change of pace is needed to overcome her grief, and Cremator Merlin provides her with the opportunity as a servant of the Church of Kalos. These servants protect and aid the citizens of Kalos. It's the getaway she craves. But it may be more...
  3. Nighthatty

    Comic Hoenn Critique Lv.3 Teen Other Adventure Diamond Dogs On Vacation! / A Alpha Sapphire Wonderlocke, with a MGSV crossover!

    HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO FOLKS! AND WELCOME TO MY ALPHA SAPPHIRE WONDERLOCKE, THAT IS TOTALLY NOT A METAL GEAR SOLID CROSSOVER! … okay yes it is one, it is a crossover but nevertheless, i am your host, NIGHTHATTY, A NEW PERSON/LURKER AROUND THESE FORUMS! now this has been a comic i wanted to make...
  4. Fallingfeathers

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Strong Enough-A Pokemon Omega Ruby Hardcore Nuzlocke!

    Pages Upload on Mondays! Tw// This comic has depictions of violence, blood, slight gore, death, slight body horror, abuse, hallucinations and unreality. If you are sensitive to any of these topics I would not recommend reading this comic! Hiya there! I'm Poke! I've made comics before, but never...
  5. Tinysweetbunny

    Hello Starchild - PMD Comic!

    Hello Starchild - PMD COMIC Helloooo! First time on the forums! Some friends recommended I promo my comic here! It's my first-ever proper attempt at a comic starring some of my pmd characters! It's pretty new so it's not even a year old yet buuut I think it's still worth a read! ^^ The...
  6. Square

    Comic Kanto Hack Square's Infinite Fusion "Comic" - An MS Paint... Thing

    I'm gonna be honest, I don't know how this is going to go. I've never actually gotten past Mt. Moon in this game, so I figured, why not, make my next attempt into a comic! Of course, that implies I'm artistically inclined, so, y'all get this instead. Welcome to... ...patent pending. Check...
  7. xiemi

    Critique Lv.3 Art Comic Original Pokemon Sword & Shield: Oh Lionheart, Take Courage!

  8. Rorke

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Trouble in Paradise - Ultra Sun HC Nuzlocke

    "it's not too late to turn back now..." Title Location: Melemele Island Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Character Reference Sheets Rico Reference Sheet Katara Reference Sheet Bean Reference Sheet Art from others! Secret Santa 2022 by...
  9. level_platinum_cover_by_wastelander_nick_def9ycz.png


  10. LlndeaTheUnspokenHero

    Comic Video Fan Teen Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Paths To Requiem- Create Your Own Adventure Video Comic/Ask Blog

    Welcome to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Paths To Requiem! A riolu suddenly wakes up lost and alone! So many paths, so many possibilities. How will this story end? YOU DECIDE! Take control of the story as you help the riolu traverse dangerous quests, meet various characters, and go on the...
  11. ErazonPo3

    Art Comic General Way Out: A Pokemon Legends Arceus comic

    The only way out is through- a lesson Champion Cynthia Nanten and Professor Luculia Hiver are about to learn well. Uncovering the secrets of the Hisui region is one thing, but dealing with the consequences is another. WAY OUT is a Pokemon: Legends of Arceus story rewrite that ventures deeper...
  12. tvnuzlockes

    Comic Hoenn Mature Mon TV's Nuzlocke - An Emerald Adventure

    Hi everyone! This is my first time putting together a comic, based on my Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke done in July 2021. Expect crude art, crude humor, and a rollercoaster of emotions. Content Warning Rules For this Epic Journey You can read it on ComicFury or just check it out here! Table of...
  13. CyanideCrystal

    Comic Johto Critique Lv.3 Teen Mon Overtime - A HeartGold Tri-locke!

    OVERTIME by CyanideCrystal ...with @BoB Tumblr | Comicfury | Deviantart 🥇 2022 Best New Comic 🥇 “Time goes, you say? Ah, no! Alas, Time stays, we go.” -Henry Austin Dobson The ex-champion Leon has been faced with his career ending in a quite spectacular way, in front of a cheering crowd...
  14. Snapdeck Sylladex

    Comic Unova Fan Game Hack Ikes The Dust: A Pokemon Moon Black 2 Nuzlocke

    Since I'm still working on things, I'm making a little prologue page before I forget to later while I work on the comic pages. For now, a little prologue: Welcome to Ikes The Dust, a Pokemon Moon Black 2 Nuzlocke! I found this hack on accident while trying to get a Pokemon Black, and now I'm...
  15. Zero

    Comic Kalos General Gijinka Y Run Away (+Fire) - A Gijinkalocke Comic

    Y Run Away (+Fire) - A Pokemon Y Gijinkalocke Comic By ZeroProStudio Author of Jet's Black Nuzlocke and Little Lapses In a world inhabited by people known as Pokemon, power is everything, and those without power have no standing in society. Can our runaway hero escape that life of hardship or...
  16. purplechug

    Comic Johto Critique Lv.3 General Mon Endurance: In Our Blood - A Soul Silver Nuzlocke Comic

    Howdy howdy howdy! Welcome to the beginning of the Endurance Series! When a pokemon is stolen from Professor Elm's Lab, Nagrom and her partner, Harold, set out on a journey to save their lost friend. Who will they meet along the way, and what will these two dorks do when faced with way too...
  17. KV Productions

    Critique Lv.5 Art Comic Teen Goggles and Stickers

    I present to you my pokemon webcomic! "Goggles and Stickers"! This is the story of 2 Pikachus who, after living a very dangerous and exciting childhood, struggle settling down as they become free adults. What starts as an unclenchable thirst for adventure, an addiction to the thrill, and a...
  18. AmossyRock

    Comic Hoenn Teen INTERNSHIP: a Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke

    Hello! Sooooooo, I had the hitch to make a nuzlocke for the longest time. I used to draw crappy, meme filled comics back in 2012 when the trend was still new, but those were pure cringe. And here we are, I finally gathered the courage to do something: this will be a passion project of mine I...
  19. Malochroma

    Comic Galar Teen Other Adventure High Ground - A Pokemon Shield Ground-Type Monolocke

    Victoria "Ricki" Foster has nursed a fondness for Ground-type Pokémon since she was a child, with only her Sandshrew Ruby and her closest friend Hop to keep her company during her mother's long absences. Now, Hop is getting ready to take on the Gym Challenge and chase his wish of supplanting his...
  20. Waweezer

    Nuzlocke General Video Games How did you get into Nuzlockes, and why did you start making Nuzlocke Comics/Stories?

    I don’t think I have seen anybody ask this question in the forums so might as well. I learned about nuzlockes through Jwittz and thought it was pretty cool.After watching some YouTubers do nuzlockes, I decided to do some of my own. It quickly became my favorite way to play Pokémon, it was so...