1. DIO

    Comic Collaborative Fan Apps Open Teen (OPEN) Nuzlocke Abridged: A Collaborative Nuzlocke Comic

    Are you tired of nuzlocke comics being canned or delayed? God, me too. So that's why me and a couple of victims friends (community veterans) are now accepting applications for the... NUZLOCKE ABRIDGED COLLAB! But wait? What is the NUZLOCKE ABRIDGED COLLAB, you ask? Well, it's a community...
  2. FoRLoVE Beach Episode by Vixenkiba

    FoRLoVE Beach Episode by Vixenkiba

    Art for the Beach Episode collab. Featuring my trainer Eclipse and cyndaquil Mortar from my nuzlocke comic FoRLoVE.
  3. These Kids Are Hangin' Out!

    These Kids Are Hangin' Out!

    My submission for @Winterspheonix's Hang In There Collab! Here we've got my two nuzlocke kiddos, Cedar the mudkip and Olive the bulbasaur, hangin on in there!
  4. Master Bryss

    Alola Written Log Teen Commentary Under The Spanish Sun

    Oh dear sweet child of 2013, how times have changed. Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss. In the year 2013, I set out on a Quest. A quest to reclaim the written log from the hands of basicness. Did it succeed? Of course not. I am a minor splash in a large ocean. But I had fun doing it...