1. SayleeK

    Screenshot Johto Teen Via Memory Lane IX: A HeartGold Nostalgialocke

    <<<Diamond ???>>> Ohhhh what a beautiful morning… Oh what a beautiful day… Not gonna lie, I was big mad when the first previews for the game came out and I found out that my girl Kris wouldn't be back. I've never quite jibed with Lyra's outfit, and dammit, why are we too cowardly to...
  2. I-Am-Gae-Crossiant

    Comic Johto Teen Crystal Revolations i will (not) give up

    A pokemon crystal nuzlocke well doublelocke between me and my 6 year old sister
  3. Step by Step by Step Nuzlocke Page 84

    Step by Step by Step Nuzlocke Page 84

    Whoop whoop, new girl is stepping up to the plate~ Will she be a match for the Top Percent Rattata?
  4. Step by Step by Step Nuzlocke Page 83

    Step by Step by Step Nuzlocke Page 83

    Hehehe, it's time for The Boy, The Myth, The LEGEND: YOUNGESTER JOEY!!!
  5. Step by Step by Step Nuzlocke Page 82 by Tailsimp on DeviantArt

    Step by Step by Step Nuzlocke Page 82 by Tailsimp on DeviantArt

    Gotta love small talk~ Real talk tho I love this page
  6. Genesis

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Fervent Death Wish - Genesis' Hack Showcase #2

    with jenna and beverly ascending to the heavens i can finally do a nuzlocke of a GOOD rom hack welcome people who even bother to read this to Fervent Death Wish, in which i make a deal with the devil whilst playing Liquid Crystal, one of the good OG rom hacks created by these awesome people...
  7. Memento

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Mature Translucent Legends: A Crystal Lorelocke.

    Yes, I've decided to do something crazy: a Lorelocke! Thanks to @RubyClaw , @mewstein , and @Spectacles for making - and helping with - this monster of a ruleset. I admire the perseverance it took to make it, and I've decided to do something that hasn't, to my knowledge, been done yet: a...
  8. JadeWizard

    Comic Johto Mature Mon = Operation Magnum-Opus = A HeartGold Nuzlocke Canceled

    "Sliver's on a mission; Be the best by conquering the league challenge. And if that means taking down his father's former organization on the way well... that's just the icing on the cake. However things are rendered complicated with the presence of red eyed Pokemon and a hellbent Ethan stopping...
  9. Metafiction

    Written Story Johto Teen Summer Storm

    Time for something new, I think. I've had this plot idea I've been kicking around for a while now, and it finally got to the point where I was able to turn it into a proper story rather than just some random drabbles. Here's hoping all that brainstorming pays off. I won't belabor the point by...