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  1. SayleeK

    Written Story Collaborative General Popcorn Pokemon 2: Unova Boogaloo

    "Pass the Popcorn" is an interactive storytelling game in which one person starts a story, then passes it on to the next person to continue. Through the magic of Google Docs, we at The Writer's Lounge wrote a story together--with the stipulation that you could only read the addition immediately...
  2. SayleeK

    Written Story Collaborative General Popcorn Pokemon

    "Pass the Popcorn" is an interactive storytelling game in which one person starts a story, then passes it on to the next person to continue. Through the magic of Google Docs, we at The Writer's Lounge wrote a story together--with the stipulation that you could only read the addition immediately...
  3. satanicswirlix

    Art Showcase General Painted Pokedex

    Ending the vitriol towards MS Paint once and for all by digitally painting all how-many-the-fuck-there are Pokemon in them. Drawing in MS Paint was getting physically and mentally straining, so now I'm using Clip Studio. Mirror links are hosted on Imgur because DeviantArt eclipse sucks ass. I'll...
  4. T

    I Tried To Beat a Nuzlocke Using Only Pokemon Starting With the Letter A!

  5. V

    Written Log Let's Play Teen Pokemon Ruby - Only Stat Effecting Moves - By Voiddrop Gaming

    Hello there people! I am Void of Voiddrop Gaming here to welcome you to the craziest run I've ever done. So... not too long ago, I came to my friend Drop for assistance on this weird run idea I came up with. The run was simple... Pokemon but you can only use stat effecting moves. Now... there...
  6. SprungGeoduck

    General The Create-A-Pokemon Challenge!

    THE CREATE-A-POKEMON CHALLENGE Join us on Discord! - https://discord.gg/tZreSBYRAv What is this? Something I've tried a couple of times now. You may remember a thread like this from the old Zetaboards forums, way back in the day. I also created a Discord server for it a year or so ago, but...
  7. The Gamoholic

    Written Log Let's Play The Muppet Challenge

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post on the Nuzlocke forums, coming across from the Marriland forums as they're closing down. I really like doing challenge runs but generally don't do Nuzlockes - i prefer to make my own challenges. Guess I'll be posting in here for the time being. I have a pretty...
  8. Wastelander Nick

    Comic Sinnoh General Mon Level Platinum Nuzlocke

    Hi, everyone! Here's my ongoing nuzlocke from Pokemon Platinum. The run is finished, but the comic is ongoing. It's my first time using a forum, so expect some edits upon edits, as I figure how it works :P Rules: Catch the first pokemon in every route. When a pokemon faints, this happens...
  9. Clarbart

    Screenshot Sinnoh Hack Renegade Platinum: A Nevermore Nuzlocke

    I got bored and I have decided to make poor decisions with my time. As such I introduce, The Nevermore Nuzlocke. Rules are fairly simple, 1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead 2. Nickname everything, naming theme will be decided later. 3. I cannot grind past the level of the Gym Leader's Ace...
  10. bread

    [MM] Mister M's Magnificent Masquerade!

    You raise the blade, you make the change You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane You lock the door And throw away the key There's someone in my head but it's not me Hello prospective players! I am pleased to announce an all new event coming to our little slice of the forums here, made for you creative...
  11. TommyLew

    Video Kanto Johto General Pokemon Soul Silver Randomized Unlocke - My hardened version of a standard nuzlocke

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thank you in advance for giving me a moment of your time! My whole life I've wanted to be an entertainer and for years I've observed other Poketubers do what I love wishing I could be like them. Well, I decided to go for it. I've been researching various...
  12. Kaoru Drake

    Screenshot Unova Mature [TV-14 - L:S:V] Back (but) in Black: Arceus' Re-Revenge - The Drakening

    PREVIOUSLY, ON YU-GI-OH THE NUZLOCKE FORUMS Season 1: Drake vs. Ralts - A Monolocke Nuzlocke Challenge of Storm Silver/Sacred Gold Season 2: [TV-14 - L:S:V] Arceus' Revenge - A Randomized White 2 Deci-Rules BST-Locke ------------------------------------------------- So.. got any 3's? Go...
  13. Shai_Hulud

    Ruleset Titanlocke: an unconventional nuzlocke

    Titanlocke This nuzlocke type is intended specifically for ORAS. Legend states that the titan Regigigas created Hoenn as he towed the continents with ropes and absconded to slumber at snowpoint temple. A powerful trainer brought his team, along with regirock, regice, and registeel, to...
  14. Shai_Hulud

    Ruleset Thanoslocke

    Standard nuzlocke rules apply. Just as the player attains the fourth gym badge, Thanos snaps. Enter each Pokemon in the party and in the PC into a list randomizer. The first half of the randomized list (rounded down) is now dead and must be kept in a reserved box in the PC. At this point, the...
  15. ZHODY

    Challenge Shots: Hall of Fame Screenshots from My Undocumented Nuzlockes

    Duck's Wedlocke Randomizer Challenge on Pearl! ManLeaf the Male PidgeotxYellowClaw the Female Sandslash! BloomingPebble the Male CradilyxBigBunny the Female Lopunny! EggStinger the Male ExeggutorxToxicPlant the Female Roserade! Deaths: 2 (Not a full pair [just two females] but ManLeaf will...
  16. Bug

    Guide Trophies, and you!

    Hello and welcome all Forumites! In this guide I'll talk a bit about Trophies: What they are, what they do, and how you can earn them. So, what are trophies? Well, they're like achievements. And by like, I mean they are. They are just 100% achievements hard baked into Xenforo's base...