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  1. The Last winter pg. 13

    The Last winter pg. 13

  2. The Last Winter pg. 11

    The Last Winter pg. 11

  3. xayshade

    Comic Unova Teen Mon The Last Winter- A Black2 Challenge mode Nuzlocke

    Hey there! Welp I'm getting back into the Nuzlocking comic game. I suck at bios, so I will cut right to it. I've been working on this for awhile so I hope you guys like it. A story into a young man finding out who he is and what it means to live with Pokemon. I will try my best to upload 3...
  4. KamikazeSenpai21

    Screenshot Unova General Teen Mon KamikazeSenpai21's White 2 Challenge Mode Nuzlocke!

    Hello, this is my first nuzlocke posted on the forums. I will be posting these via imgur albums READ THE IMGUR CAPTIONS summary: i get my starter, tonkatsu he tepig, as well as katara the azurill, battle hugh twice, go to flocessy town and ranch, and eventually defeat cheren
  5. Tookie

    [Mature Content] Took's 2020 Madness- Creatively Writing and Backlog Clearing!

    Ayy, double bill challenge, nothing can go wrong. So far, of the words that count because I'm not posting FERP responses out of context I sit at a mighty 102,160/100,000 words. ... It's mighty by my standards, stop looking at me like that. The gaming also goes pretty on pace, having crossed...