1. Sparklepop

    Written Story Alola Written Log Commentary Foodies' Paradise - A Pokémon Ultra Moon Nuzlocke

    Hello there, and welcome to my Ultra Moon Nuzlocke. I haven’t done a Nuzlocke in a while since X and I wanted to get back into the swing of things by rolling a random game that I have (I’m not going to do roms just yet). The results, this nuzlocke! This will be fairly casual all things...
  2. faerieconstellations

    Comic Written Story Mixed Media Critique Lv.4 Paldea Mon [GEN 9 SPOILERS] JOY: A (Casual) Hardcore Violet Nuzlocke

    Hello, friends, and welcome to JOY: A (Casual) Hardcore Nuzlocke of Pokémon Violet. 💖💖💖 A BIT OF HOUSEKEEPING Before beginning, I feel it's important to answer what exactly I mean when I call JOY a "(casual) hardcore nuzlocke"—isn't that a bit of an antithesis? Well, when I call JOY "casual"...
  3. mitzirocker


    Decided not to do this, sorry.
  4. REDalchemist

    Competitive General Video Games RED'S GEN. Tournament DX (New Forums, New Me! Edition)

    It brings me great joy to bring a competition was was once originally brought over from an old set of forums I used to visit to the Zetaboard Nuzlocke Forums in early January of 2013. No more than a week after XY were first announced and HERE WE ARE. For the first time on the new Xenforo forums...
  5. Lefington

    Apps Closed Roleplay Explode Onto the Scene - A Pokemon ReBURST RP

    Anyone remember Pokemon ReBURST? That one manga back in 2011 during the BW era? No? Don't blame you. Well all you need to know is that it's centered around this guy, who, like many others in the setting, can fuse with Pokemon sealed in crystal like items called Burst Hearts into a Gijinka-like...