by mature i mean lots of f-bombs

  1. Rhyder

    Screenshot Kanto Mature Commentary Hack [FAILED][Mature] Please Help Me! Rhyder BLINDLY Plays Pokemon Plague Lost Diaries!

    Well, here we are. On the edge of oblivion. I really didn’t know how to start this off, other than to dive right in. This game is special, for lack of a better word. See what I mean? I also derped a picture of a city exploding in a big mushroom cloud. :f5: Yeah, you know a game is starting...
  2. Lefington

    Written Story Kalos Mature Gijinka Beauty: Yours Eternally - A Nuzlocke of X

    Welcome one and all! I am Lef, everyone's third or fourth favorite plant based user. With a new forum, comes with a newer version of oneself, so here's an attempt to keep a run going. At the time of posting, the gameplay for this run is still ongoing, but better to start now with a fresher...