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  1. Erberor

    Screenshot Spin-off General Commentary Dust in the Wind 4 ÷ 2 = 2 and That's How Many Moths I Have - XD Gale of Darkness Dustox Only

    Hey Hey You ever hear about moths? They're pretty neat You know in my humble opinion anyway So this is the fourth installment in my grand quest to conquer every region I possibly can with the very cool and super excellent indisputably best Pokemon, Dustox. The other three installments can...
  2. Erberor

    Screenshot Johto Dust In the Wind 3: LÄÄÄÃÄÄÆÁÄĀÄÄMP - A solo Dustox run of Heart Gold [COMPLETE]

    COME ONE, COME ALL, AND LAY WITNESS TO THE ULTIMATE BEING! THE PINNACLE OF CREATION! THE ALL-MIGHTY MOTH! Join me on this valiant journey to show the world the glory of MOTH! Come and see as a lone Dustox conquers all that stands before it, as it should be, for Dustox is unquestionably the...
  3. Nickytung

    Written Story Alola General Monolocke Master Alola Edition; Episode 2: Bug Maniac

    Monolocke Master is a challenge I took on last year; 18 monolockes of Ultra Sun with every single type of Pokemon existent. The RNG decided to destroy me from the beginning, assigning me Dragons, arguably the hardest type there is, due to the scarce availability and the enormous amount of time...
  4. Anemone

    Screenshot Written Log [UCL2] [Monotype: Bug] Pretend I Made A Bug Pun

    due to the fact that I am not an intelligent person, I will be doing a Bug type Monolocke. while most people are starting with Kanto, I have no access to any Kanto game so I'll just go for the next best thing: Kanto...... 2!! (aka Kalos) is this allowed? Uh. Who knows. but I am doing it anyway...
  5. Erberor

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Dust in the Wind 2: The Mothening - A Solo Dustox run of Pokemon FireRed - Finale!

    The epic journey of moth supremacy continues with... DUST IN THE WIND 2: THE MOTHENING This time, it's off to Kanto! If you missed the first chapter of this saga, you can go read my journey through Emerald here. It's not at all necessary, there's not exactly going to be much of an ongoing...
  6. Fool

    Roleplay Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Children of Distortion

    Oh now... what's this? Your weary eyes are opening now. You find yourselves in a world without meaning, without temperature, or feeling. What is this place, this ghastly remnant of a beast long since passed? This Murky Meadow, it's constantly warping in and out of itself. You try to remember how...
  7. Erberor

    Screenshot Hoenn General Dust in the Wind: A solo Dustox run of Pokemon Emerald [COMPLETE]

    Good mafternevening, and welcome to Dust in the Wind, a solo Dustox run of Emerald. I'm ashamed to say that it took me a long time to realize that Dustox is, quite simply, the greatest pokemon of all time. It took the Dustox Valna single-handedly saving the run that led to my story run, All...