1. Screenshot Let's Play General Can Brendan beat Pokémon Blue using ONLY MAGMAR IN BATTLE?

    Hi, everyone. I said months ago that I would post my first run here eventually, and due to various technical reasons I was sadly unable to post a successful Nuzlocke of any game. This could not stand, so to tide everyone over until I can finally do Nuzlockes again, here is the first of...
  2. TheUltraFinder

    Written Story Galar General Mon (failed) A Study in Blue - A Pokemon Shield Bluelocke

    Hello There, This is my First Locke on these Forums so expect it to be kinda dorky A STUDY IN BLUE - A POKEMON SHIELD BLUELOCKE
  3. angryskitty

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Nuzlocke on Ice

    NUZLOCKE ON ICE a (sort of) monolocke of Leafgreen | Rated Teen for language and blood | Updates Fridays | | Gameplay: done || Comic: in progress | Support me: Patreon | Ko-fi | Buy a commission Other links: Deviantart | Tumblr | Smackjeeves Instagram | Twitter | Newgrounds CURRENT TEAM...