1. Purpl

    Plog (Purpl's Blog)

    .-------------->. I'm your host Purpl, and welcome to... . . That's right! I am officially retiring from Lurking! What I'll be doing in this blog are a couple of things: Mafia Reactions Some people have taken a liking to my reactions to previous mafia games through the power of...
  2. Bug

    Space Hound Playground

    Playlists Multiplicity Searching Next Up Forever A Moogle Reborn Hero of Nowhere Vibin Without Chu November 2022 I Almost Feel Ashamed Human Skin #001 Ignition #002 Transient #003 #004 Phyrric #005 #006 Sun Chaser / Star Maker #007
  3. Neb

    Neb's Gaming Log

    Welcome to Neb's Gaming Log! This is the blog where I'll be sharing my current thoughts and experiences on whatever video games I've just beaten or am currently playing. Despite being in the hobby for over 12 years, my skills in most genres are not the best. I am pretty good at rhythm games...
  4. Arowana

    a little fish's storytelling projects

    Hi! I'm Aro, a little fish who likes to tell stories! I like to draw and write a lot, though sometimes I dabble in projects of other kinds. I always have a lot of individual projects going on at any particular time 😅 I've been on a creative slump with my solo projects lately, so I was hoping...
  5. Skarmizard

    Skarm Talks Smash

    So I'm pretty sure most people here know I'm a huge Smash Bros. fan-heck, my first project since coming back to the forums was a Nuzlocke of Ultimate's story mode *casually points at the screenshot in my sig*. And one of my favorite things about that run was being able to talk about Smash with...
  6. Garnet

    Finish Your Games! (AKA Reasons I Shouldn't Have Money)

    So. This is a forum for video games, right? You know, Nuzlockes, Pokemon, Pokemon is a video game... you, y'know, you get it. We're all gamers here. And, you know. Sometimes gamers... buy games. ...Sometimes they buy a lot of games. ...Sometimes they buy a lot of games that they never actually...
  7. RisingMew

    » Mew's Musings // Plotting a Black Ver. Chesslocke!

    « Mew's Musings » a place for me to ramble about anything and everything I like journaling--at least when I can type out my journals, that is! So I figured I'd write a little blog thingie and keep my writing skills sharp while I'm in-between runs. And also when I'm in the middle of runs...
  8. SimplyUnknown

    Building Up a Brilliant Run

    Like many people, I started playing Pokemon long before I started nuzlocking. However, the first Pokemon game I ever owned was a copy of Pearl (and only because the Gamestop I was allowed to go to only had Pearl in stock). So you can imagine that the Sinnoh region is very important to me, being...
  9. redninjapuffle

    Red makes a blog for things

    Imma make this a thing now for later uses uh, I don't know what to put here right now so uh derp
  10. Raderph

    Rad's Ramble Blog

    I'm not going to be consistently updating it here but I might as well shill the blog I've been working on here Basically, I gave myself a challenge to ramble about something every day and post it on the internet, with a variety of intentions but largely just to have a place to share my opinions...
  11. PageEmp

    I don’t know why PageEmp didn’t make a blog on this website before...

    But now he did, and he will use it to post random thoughts on his mind.
  12. Trollkitten

    Don't Get Me Started: a Pokemon blog

    So... this was inevitable. At some point or another my tendency to massively overthink my favorite things simply had to manifest itself into some form of outlet. I could have done this on Tumblr, but I'm wildly allergic to social media drama (and let's face it, Tumblr is the absolute last place...
  13. khorale

    My Initial Playthrough of Pokemon Sword

    It's been a while since Sword and Shield came out and while playing it, I was logging my reactions on a side document pretty much as I was playing. It became less frequent as I reached the end, and this isn't a nuzlocke, but what I was doing as I was playing through the game the for the very...
  14. ramendotexe

    Ramen talks about Manga

    Hi, I’m Ramen, and I read a lot of manga in my spare time. I’m making this blog to talk about any manga (and possibly other comics) I want to talk about. It might be manga I like, dislike, feel neutral on, whatever it is. Anything is free game. Hope you enjoy the ride. For this first entry, I...
  15. Tookie

    [Mature Content] Took's 2020 Madness- Creatively Writing and Backlog Clearing!

    Ayy, double bill challenge, nothing can go wrong. So far, of the words that count because I'm not posting FERP responses out of context I sit at a mighty 102,160/100,000 words. ... It's mighty by my standards, stop looking at me like that. The gaming also goes pretty on pace, having crossed...
  16. mizar

    Miz Keeps Track of their Nuzlocke Runs in Public

    As of now I don't intend on ever doing a screenshot run, but I do a lot of nuzlockes for fun. Problem is I don't really keep track of them so I don't have any of my stats besides what I remember. I'm hoping this thread will get me to record my nuzlockes more often, even if it's the bare minimum.
  17. Killjoy

    Literally no one asked but this is my city now

    I claim this part of blograss as my swamp, and I will kick your ass, your pet fish ass and then my own. Really, don't comment, please. I'm on my holy quest to destroy Nintendo's intellectual property by emulating their games, randomizing their games, playing rom hacks of their games, and even...
  18. SimplyUnknown

    Thoughts and Musings Through Pokemon Shield (Spoiler Heavy)

    So as of posting this first post, there are only 6 days until November 15th, 2019. Which means there are only 6 days until the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the first mainstream Pokemon games for the Switch! :yay: Finally, a Pokemon game with multiple save files! At least, if it's...
  19. Bug

    The Hook

    Hello and welcome to The Hook, a blog where I talk about web comics and what it is that makes them appealing. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now, as web comics really are my passion. So, we'll start small, and really highlight some gems. The beauty of web comics is as we progress, we'll...