1. sir cottonee

    Written Log Mixed Media Paldea Teen Commentary Mon Good Scarlet: The Old and the Hopeless

    Spoilers ahead! This is a mostly-blind (stupid yt thumbnails...) Scarlet run in a commentary format with drawings interspersed. I hope you have fun. I mean, I want to have fun. Let's both have fun! Also, I haven't played a pokémon game since White 2. Oops. A quick word of warning - this...
  2. RubyClaw

    Screenshot Commentary [Generation 9 Spoilers!] Sightless Scarlet - A Blind Screenshot run of Pokemon Scarlet (Update 13 - 25/3/23)

    [This is a run of Pokemon Scarlet so obviously - Generation 9 spoilers ahead!] Sightless Scarlet - A Blind Screenshot Nuzlocke of Pokemon Scarlet Welcome to yet another RubyClaw blind run! My favorite kind of runs, boy I missed those. It's been a while since Pokemon Sword and Shield were...
  3. Twi

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mature Commentary Hack Bad Idea Central: A (Mostly) Blind Renegade Platinum Nuzlocke

    god help us all.
  4. RubyClaw

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mature Commentary Dimming Diamond - 14/5/2022 Final Update 13 is up!

    Dimming Diamond (A Semi-Blind Screenshot Advanced Lorelocke of Brilliant Diamond!) Hi everyone! It’s been way too long since I posted a run here, and I admit I really missed sharing my adventures with you guys. As some of you might know I have a habit of Nuzlocking blindly every new pokemon...
  5. Kit_The_Feef

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mature Commentary Hack Pain. (A Blind Nuzlocke of Renegade Platinum)

    I'm aware that I'm insane for staring yet another Nuzlocke Run on these forums, but I've been inspired! As many people on these forums are aware, @pikafan96 has recently finished her Blaze Black run, Ashes of Glory, and I finally got the chance to read it a few days ago. And because of her...
  6. PsyduckEnthusiast

    Screenshot Fan Game Hack Psyduck Presents: a Pokemon Sweet Blind Nuzlocke!

    Hello there viewer! Welcome to my blind nuzlocke of Pokemon Sweet version! Below you'll find the contents page, the rules page, and a brief summary of how things are going to work with this thread. So, let us begin. I hope you're ready to witness me blindly struggle through this game...
  7. Aszarun

    Kalos Written Log The Later Years (On Hiatus due to technical difficulty)

    I am convinced, the way one plays chess always reflects the player's personality. If something defines his character, then it will also define his way of playing. -Vladimir Kramnik In my previous years on the forums (back before the Tapatalk invasion, of course) I played from Fire red, through...
  8. RubyClaw

    Screenshot Alola Mature Dazzling Supernova – An Ultra Sun Blind Nuzlocke - Part 12 - The End!

    Dazzling Supernova – An Ultra Sun Blind Nuzlocke 1,2,3. 1,2,3. And, we’re back on the air! Hi all, it’s been a while since I did a blind run, and if I’m notorious for something around the forums, is my love for these kind of runs in which you know as little as possible about the game you...
  9. boomdidiyadah

    Written Story Galar Teen Mon [Sword] [Blind] Journal of Agent 53 [Complete]

    Hello hello hello. I recently obtained a copy of Pokemon Sword, and, still being mostly unaware of its content, decided to try a blind run. In the interest of clarity, I will specify exactly what I knew about the game before beginning. With that out of the way, let's get right into it...
  10. rowantobias

    Comic Galar Teen Great Job Team

    comicfury | deviantart this is a generally shitposty and casual comic based on the antics in my blind pokemon shield playthrough updates sporadic. there is no schedule here. if it looks like there is it's an accident
  11. Pcaara

    Video Let's Play Pcaara Plays Pokemon Sword! A blind story analysis Let's play

    Join Pcaara for her first ever let's play series, as she experiences the wild, thirsts over 3D models, and strives to become Galar's greatest! -------------------- Hullo Hullo~! Many of you might already know me from my currently running comic Leftovers: A Hoenn Saga. WELL, all the way back...
  12. Nate

    Video Galar Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Blind Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    Hey, everyone! Team CobraStryke LightningBolt will be coming to you on Sundays from 2-6 PM Central Time for a Blind Nuzlocke of Generation 8! On Sunday, we will randomly decide on which game we will be playing, and which starter we will choose! It'll be fun! For this run, I've remained as...
  13. Violenceman

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mature Commentary Sinnoh After Dark: A Neophyte's Blind Platinum Nuzlocke (Fight All Night Remix!)

    Welcome to my very first Nuzlocke run! ...... Again. :V: That's right, the Nuzlocke that refuses to die returns to fulfill all your eventide adventure needs. I am pretty sure that, at this point, this thread as been resurrected more times than a Dragon Ball character. This story was first...
  14. Manstar

    Video Fan Game Teen Commentary [FAILED] Bad Life Choices - A Pokémon Insurgence Blind Hardmode Nuzlocke: Quitter Edition

    Welcome one and all to my magical journey through Pokémon Insurgence! I'm glad you stopped by! Oh wait it's a videolocke. I'm sure this one will be r i v e t i n g. Well I'm going to try my best to make it more riveting (than any lady with well formed biceps you've ever seen) by doing...
  15. Derogatory Trainer

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Commentary The Terribly-Titled Nuzlocke of Pokemon Rejuvenation: Part 3: Chapter 148 - Deus Ex Melia

    Hello there! Some of you might know me already and some might not but I'll introduce myself anyway. I'm the Derogatory Trainer and I'm doing another blind Nuzlocke! It also has an uncreative title like the other one... Welcome to... POKEMON REJUVENATION, BABY! Anyway for those who...