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  1. The last winter 21

    The last winter 21

  2. Black Viper

    Written Log UCL [UCL 4] Snaking My Way (Chainlocke)

    Right, let's get this started while I still feel some amount of momentum and before it's December and I've not done anything yet. Games: Alternate 1 - Fire Red, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Black, Black 2 We'll be starting out with... Pokémon Diamond. Why? Well, mostly because it was the game...
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  5. TLW pg 15

    TLW pg 15

  6. TLW pg. 14

    TLW pg. 14

  7. The Last winter pg. 13

    The Last winter pg. 13

  8. TLW pg. 12

    TLW pg. 12

  9. The Last Winter pg. 11

    The Last Winter pg. 11

  10. The Last Winter pg. 10

    The Last Winter pg. 10

  11. The Last winter pg. 9

    The Last winter pg. 9

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  13. the last winter page 2

    the last winter page 2

    The Second page
  14. The Last Winter Black 2 cover page

    The Last Winter Black 2 cover page

    So, I'm getting back in the Nuzlocke game
  15. aegagrusScholarship

    Written Story Unova Mixed Media Mature Mon SOMEWHERE IN UNOVA || A Black 2 Madness Combat Castlocke

    cover redraw in progress 👍 | AO3 MIRROR @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ RULESET [TABS width=100%] THE RULES You can also find the full ruleset on this thread. That'll probably be kept more up-to-date than the rules in this post as I play through my file and tweak issues I come...
  16. Dee

    Unova Written Log General Mon A Fantastic Factorylocke!

    Hello everyone! This is going to be a very informal written log of me taking my new ruleset, the factorylocke (read up more about it here!) through Pokemon Black 2. The factorylocke is a custom ruleset that incentivizes the capture and use of atypical, "unnatural" pokemon like Vanillite or...
  17. Icomeherenever

    Written Story Unova General Other Adventure Ice Age: A Black 2 PseudoLocke

    Greetings. I am Icomeherenever, also known as WatcherZigzagoon on Twitch, Murp on Discord, or Battledroidunit047 on DeviantArt. If you are reading this, then I've somehow managed to peak your interest. Just don't expect me to have the foggiest idea how to make this thread look as professional as...
  18. QuietGuardian

    Written Story Unova Mixed Media Teen Other Adventure Would Never STAB Anyone: A Black 2 Semi-Nuzlocke

    Why, hello there! Good to have you back! Last time, we followed young Bertholomew, or Bert, through Unova on his quest to complete a challenging Nuzlocke run and become Champion. This time, we’re heading back to Unova! However, we’re skipping ahead two years, during which a lot has happened to...
  19. UberSkitty

    Comic Unova General UberSkitty's Black 2 Nuzlocke - Now With Cat Ears

    Hello peoples, I am UberSkitty! I'm a pretty big fan of drawing, so I thought I'd be fun to attempt to make my own comic after reading a fair amount of other people's fantastic work! I admittedly have never picked up such a big project so don't blame me if I give up but I hope I'll make it...
  20. Nocri

    Screenshot Written Log Unova Commentary Black 2 Nuzlocke - Start: Driftveil Drawbridge!

    Hey, I'm new and attempting to complete my first nuzlocke on Black 2. I just found this forum tonight but I already have a run going which I didn't want to restart, so this is starting right after the battle against Elesa (Gym #4) when entering Driftveil Drawbridge. It will mostly be a written...