1. Sparklepop

    Written Story Alola Written Log Commentary Foodies' Paradise - A Pokémon Ultra Moon Nuzlocke

    Hello there, and welcome to my Ultra Moon Nuzlocke. I haven’t done a Nuzlocke in a while since X and I wanted to get back into the swing of things by rolling a random game that I have (I’m not going to do roms just yet). The results, this nuzlocke! This will be fairly casual all things...
  2. pluslefan

    Mafia Beginner's Mafia V2

    Hello everyone and welcome to another mafia game for beginners! Surprise! If you remember back in December of last year we held a mafia game with a simpler set up where beginners have the field to strut their stuff and test the waters of the mafia community without having the pressure of veteran...
  3. poopawman

    The Nuzlockability of Games Reloaded

    Hello, fellow nuzlockers and fans alike. A few years ago, Noosab Blue had made a forum on the old site (link over here) to rank how easy or difficult it is to nuzlocke various games in the pokemon fandom. A lot of people have been able to post their opinions on games they have played and...