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  1. Noirstruck

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Mon Firestarter - A Pokemon FireRed run

    Right. So. First run on these forums. Figured I'd go for a screenshot run. I have plans for other runs on the forums, but I want to do this one first. But it's nice to meet you, got a few names I go by, but Will's the one I'm using for this run. Firestarter will be a pretty basic nuzlocke...
  2. KamikazeSenpai21

    Screenshot Sinnoh General Mon [FAILED] Pokemon Platinum ScreenshotLocke by KamikazeSenpai21

    Greeting, people of the nuzlocke forums I'm doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Platinum. Nothing fancy, just a plain old 'locke. ';m randomly picking my starters, tho. :lugia::ho-oh:
  3. Ryua

    Comic Kalos Mature Gijinka Halfblood - A Gijinka Y Nuzlocke

    WARNING: This thread is not intended for younger viewers. The characters yell, argue, swear, fight, and die. There are hella mature themes all over this thing. Alrighty then, let's get back into this. I started this run a long time ago, and I am determined to finish it. Maybe one or two of you...