bad choices

  1. caw-caw-robinjay

    Comic Johto Teen an impromptu pokemon crystal sleeplocke comic

    id never every get around to making a nuzlocke comic if i didnt set an arbitrary time limit so fuck it. sleeplocke comic. this was inspired by someone else who did the same thing for firered ill post a link when i find it. no thought went into this, every time someone shows up for the first time...
  2. gettingehedofmyself

    Unova Written Log Teen Mon Pokemon Why-te, in which I play with a stupid number of rules

    So last night I had an absolutely wonderful idea: What if I made a nuzlocke challenge as over the top difficult as possible? What if I had to play by as many rules as I could get to work together? And there was no one around to tell me not to do it. I chose the pokemon game I've had the worst...