1. Tailsimp

    An Imp's Nuz-related Fanart

    For awhile now I've been wanting to push myself to do more fanart for the nuzlocke stories I love- so why not make it a new years project? So every friday (save the last friday of the month) I'm gonna aim to upload a piece of nuzlocke fanart! This blog here is to keep it all in one place on the...
  2. DIO

    Art Showcase General Painted Pokedex

    EDIT: Project dead, sorry :( Ending the vitriol towards MS Paint once and for all by digitally painting all how-many-the-fuck-there are Pokemon in them. Drawing in MS Paint was getting physically and mentally straining, so now I'm using Clip Studio. Mirror links are hosted on Imgur because...
  3. Kit_The_Feef

    My Daily Pokemon Drawings

    So, if anyone here is familiar with my Deviantart page, they'd know that I draw one Pokemon every single day, in Pokedex order. So, I'm going to post them in this here thread. It should be noted that I drew these so I could improve my work. I also draw all megas, G-max forms and Regional...
  4. Azelf

    Azelf's Art Corner

    Something overdue that I made in the old forum before it was tarnished by Tapatalk... This thread is where I'll share the cartoons and drawings I did from old to new. Most of these are Powerpuff Girls fanarts, but I plan on expanding upon the kind of fanarts I'll draw, and I'm also hoping to...
  5. Tailsimp

    Art Stream Showcase General Art Jam Showcase!

    This is a thread dedicated to showcasing whatever you were working on during one of our Art Jams hosted on the Official Nuzlocke Forums Twitch Channel. Draw any progress you made whether it be on your comic, writing, or any other creative endeavors you worked on! We also do a random drawing...
  6. mewstein

    Those Lorelocke 'mons

    What to use my stuff in your own run? Go right ahead - you don't even have to credit me (just don't be a dick and pass it off as your own work) Roughly four months three years ago, my good friend and fellow Poke-nut @RubyClaw told me of a vision he had: A set of rules designed to portray the...
  7. Pcaara

    Screams of Consciousness

    SOOO I had no clue this part of the forum existed but I'm discovering new things everyday and it's great?? As the title suggests, I don't really have a specific subject I want to cover here. But i've got a whole HEAPING WHOA amount of change coming to my life in the next couple months -...
  8. DIO

    Play by Post Draw the above user's avatar with your eyes closed!

    I saw this on another forum and thought it was pretty dope. 1. Look at the above user's avatar (or profile picture, whatever the kids call it nowadays...) 2. Open your art program and draw their avatar with your eyes closed, or by memory, just don't peek! 3. Post your happy little accidents here.
  9. june return

    june return

    return date announcement for Part 7
  10. a return date

    a return date

    from when i could finally announce that the hiatus was gonna be over and Part 6 was gonna get rollin'
  11. study


    this drawing was heavily based off of a landscape study that i drew
  12. Acceptance but JoJo

    Acceptance but JoJo

    jojo inspired poses are fun to draw!!
  13. status update

    status update

    status update from when i think i had to push the hiatus in 2018 a little bit longer?
  14. Acceptance 2 Year Anniversary

    Acceptance 2 Year Anniversary

    time sure does fly
  15. panel test

    panel test

    during my hiatus after Part 5, i experimented with quick ways to draw my comic in full color completely digitally
  16. Zoe Pride

    Zoe Pride

    drawn for 2018 pride uwu
  17. Refusal


    aw no aw geez i spilled my jojo everywhere
  18. Girl and Beast

    Girl and Beast

    sometimes when you're drawing your protag a giant space beast just pops up out of nowhere
  19. Anime Destiny

    Anime Destiny

    sometimes you just gotta turn your comic into an anime
  20. the durant man

    the durant man