1. Aszarun

    Grand Nuzlocke Archive (In Construction)

    As an important preface, This is not an official project; this is done purely on my own initiative. The admins are aware that I'm doing this, and they have given me permission to convert and upload the stories on the caveat that I have the authors permission. That should go without saying, but...
  2. Uncle Pine

    And I would play 500 more

    Oh hi fellow nuzlockers, I didn't see you there. Hello, I'm Uncle Pine. You may remember me from nuzlockes such as "Student Exchange" or "De acuerdo con todas las leyes conocidas de aviación". Nowadays I still enjoy playing just as much, but I don't have the time to fully document my runs...
  3. DrakeX

    DrakeX's off the record Nuzlockes

    This first entry was done for a Team Omega Weekend Challenge, where the required ruleset was Notepad clause plus whatever torture methods rules you want to add. Essentially, I was not allowed to catch any Pokemon if my team is full, and if I have any deaths, the Pokemon cannot be replaced. This...