april fools

  1. Debtlocked 013 (April Fools.jpg)

    Debtlocked 013 (April Fools.jpg)

    Original Upload: 01 April 2019
  2. "Absolutely Certain"

    Written Log General Commentary SHOCKING! nuzforums user plays pokemon game

    it's april fools today and personally my brain isn't getting with the program to play coy with jokes. i am instead going to use today as an excuse for my bullshit. after all, power does not corrupt, but rather reveals. and my revelations? heh... well i would like to play a game this game...
  3. April Fools 2019 Page Swap

    April Fools 2019 Page Swap

    The April Fools page for 2019! We did a page swap, so this wonderful page was drawn by @pkmnMasterWheeler! :D