1. Kyrie-Ray

    Comic Fan Game Teen Mon APOCALYPSIS || Uranium

    || Comic started August 14th, 2020 || Pokémon Uranium was created by ~JV~ and Involuntary-Twitch Hiya! Welcome to my Pokémon: Uranium nuzlocke Apocalypsis! I mostly upload this story on ComicFury, but I've been getting a lot of suggestions to also upload here-- so here we are! If you want...
  2. DeterminedDelcatty

    Written Story Johto Sinnoh Mature Memes, Dreams, and Dysfunctional Teams

    Warning! Story will contain graphic violence, some inappropriate humor, and foul language. Brad's gameplay is on Pearl instead of Heart Gold because the randomized Heartgold game files kept glitching for Nikki and Adam's gameplay. “Everybody close your eyes.” Adam says, trying...
  3. Curly Boi

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Gijinka Misadventure - An Alpha Sapphire Apocalocke

    Hello everybody! This is my first nuzlocke posted to this forum, so if I'm a bit rough, that's why! Welcome to Misadventure - An Alpha Sapphire Apocalocke! First, I feel I should explain the rules of an apocalocke, as it is a bit different from a normal nuzlocke An Apocalocke is a story-driven...
  4. Missy

    Written Story Unova Teen All That Lurks

    All That Lurks A sunless Unova plagued by monsters and the adventure that trudges through it. {table of contents will go here, first chapter below}
  5. Written Story Kanto Teen Other Adventure And So the World Shall Be Ash

    Author's Notes: 1. So fun story about how this was originally going to be one of the runs I planned on updating in the interim weeks between Electric Sheep updates (because Let's F* the Sun is not even close to having a big enough buffer), but I was like, "You know, it would be better if I just...