1. feraligatr

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Mixed Media Teen Hack From the Ashes - A Sacred Gold Apocalocke

    Hello, and welcome to my first attempt at a screenshot run! Got the random urge to dip my toes into a different medium in the nuzlocke community. This will be highly experimental, as it's going to tell a somewhat different story from the original game at times, as well as include some...
  2. Anya Homura

    Kalos Written Log Teen And I Feel Fine (An X ApocaWonderlocke Log)

    Hi! I'm Anya, and I've been kind of lurking around the nuzlocke forums since... shortly before the Tapapocalypse, I think. I remember making my account right before or right after that, at least. Since then, I've kind of been in and out of this community, occasionally posting comments but...
  3. Curly Boi

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Gijinka Misadventure - An Alpha Sapphire Apocalocke

    Hello everybody! This is my first nuzlocke posted to this forum, so if I'm a bit rough, that's why! Welcome to Misadventure - An Alpha Sapphire Apocalocke! First, I feel I should explain the rules of an apocalocke, as it is a bit different from a normal nuzlocke An Apocalocke is a story-driven...
  4. TheLazyBaryonx

    Screenshot Hoenn When apes are tired of our bullshit so they revolt - Pokemon Emerald Randomizer Apocalocke

    Greetings i see you came to see my run Well this my first post here and i'm very anxious about doing this so I hope this go well If you have any Criticism or Advice please do tell me My first nuzlocke was a Pokemon emerald randomizer, It was like 2014 and I did okay until I lost everything...