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  1. RedReaperPRJ

    Written Teen Poke Band Party - The Groupchat Edition (A supplementary fiction to Sacred Gold Idolocke)

    Hiii, It's me "Tsugumi Hazawa" (formerly PRJ0013598604) Also simply known as Ryan Joseph here! So first things first, I wanted to create this as an idea to make up with the anachronical stuff such as Pokegears existing in a supposedly feudal Japan-like world. Instead of having to think of a...
  2. RedReaperPRJ

    Written Story Written Log Johto Mixed Media Teen Hack Gijinka Poke Band Party - Pokemon Sacred Gold Idolocke: Shining Conquest of Music - Storylocke

    Hello, Happy New Year! Today I'll be uploading my third attempt at an Idolocke run, this time in Pokemon Sacred Gold. I also have seen it is hard to make your run actually something people are interested though. Anyways, before I start, my inspiration for how different this run from the previous...