1. Zorua3

    Kalos Written Log Commentary The Totally Fascinating Lore of Kalos... er, Kanto...: Zorua3's analysis-filled Kanto-only Lorelocke of Pokemon X

    So, I was wandering through Google Docs looking for a Fanfiction I wrote way back when, and I found... this. Apparently I started a Lorelocke, writing it as I played through, with the intention of posting it once I'd finished in order to avoid abandoning it mid-thread as I've done with the other...
  2. Pcaara

    Video Let's Play Pcaara Plays Pokemon Sword! A blind story analysis Let's play

    Join Pcaara for her first ever let's play series, as she experiences the wild, thirsts over 3D models, and strives to become Galar's greatest! -------------------- Hullo Hullo~! Many of you might already know me from my currently running comic Leftovers: A Hoenn Saga. WELL, all the way back...
  3. Salt&PepperBunny

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke Comics Are Pretty Neat! [A Discussion/Analysis Thread]

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Nuzlocke Comics Are Pretty Neat! As a lover of nuzlocke comics, I always have a lot of thoughts on them, and sometimes when I read a nuzlocke comic that does something really cool, I just have to gush about it. So this will be a series where I do exactly that! In...