1. QuietGuardian

    Written Story Johto Mature An Arduous, Atoning, and Amazing Adventure

    Good morning/afternoon/evening (depending on your time zone and time of reading this), fellow Nuzlockers! This is a story I've had in the works for a very long time, and I'm super excited to be finally bringing it to you! A while back, the Alphabetlocke caught my attention, and I decided to try...
  2. Anemone

    Screenshot Teen [UCL3] I HAVE TO OBEY THE ALPHABET??????

    Hello and welcome to my first ever attempt at a UCL No I don't know what a UCL2 is In fact this is my first ever post on the Nuzlocke Forums Letsa go
  3. Nenety

    Screenshot Johto General Commentary Learn the ABC with Pokémon! - A Pokémon Silver Alphabetlocke

    Nenety presents: This is it. I admittedly took way less time than I thought I would in order to come up with this particular challenge as the one to begin my nuzlocking career. Definitely not a simple run by any means, but mama ain't raisin' a pussy, that's for sure! Onto some more...
  4. Shenili

    Written Log [INCOMPLETE][UCL2] Kanna's Active Day-Care!

    Right now I'm taking care of my neighbour's newly-hatched Bulbasaur named Suva. She's a really sweet girl! I don't usually raise Grass type Pokémon for battling purposes, but Suva has great potential! At this age her teeth aren't very developed yet, so I feed her Rabuta purée and go on frequent...
  5. Raderph

    [UCL 2] Running it Back from A-Z

    We're back for UCL 2, and this time I'm running an Alphabetlocke for a little bit extra spice. I didn't document my last run, so this time I'm going to be writing it out as a Written Log (so that I can't goof up by missing screenshots). In this challenge, I'll be playing Yellow, Crystal...
  6. Jimcloud

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary I Got 152 Problems...

    Hey, so I've been looking at this fancy new "Kanto" game that features all of the Pokémon from my favorite first two regions, Johto and Hoenn, and I've just kinda been wondering... What in the ever-loving FUCK is that thing on the cover?? (Okay, so this is an Alphabetlocke run of a hack...
  7. RR Sharp

    [UCL2] ABCs Around The World!

    I'm back and to get used to the new Nuzlocke Forums, I decided to participate, because I'm bored and wanting to watch cute little critters die. Rules I want to apologize for the lack of Screenshots -- I'm using a new emulator and as such I'm working out a few bugs. Bare with me, please.