1. Rorke

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Trouble in Paradise - Ultra Sun HC Nuzlocke

    "it's not too late to turn back now..." Title Location: Melemele Island Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 *NEW* Character Reference Sheets Rico Reference Sheet Katara Reference Sheet Bean Reference Sheet Art from others! Secret Santa 2022 by...
  2. zombie-zcorge

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke

    Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke Comic By Zombie-Zcorge Hey! Welcome to my Nuzlocke comic, Bloom! This is based off a real playthrough of Ultra Moon that has been documented from start to finish. The actual playthrough ran from 2/20/22 to 3/4/22. Some fights will be altered and some Pokemon will...
  3. Nate

    Video Alola Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Ultra Sun Randomized Nuzlocke!

    Hey, everybody! The newest Nuzlocke from Team CobraStryke LightningBolt is gonna be a Ultra Sun Randomized Nuzlocke! We're gonna be streaming it Wednesdays from 7-10 PM Central time. We sure would appreciate it if you joined us!
  4. Chapter 1. Cover

    Chapter 1. Cover

    Juuuust the chapter cover
  5. Eclipsed Main Cover by

    Eclipsed Main Cover by

    The main cover of this comic! Nothing else really
  6. Birdjester

    Comic Alola General Mon Rising Sun-An ultra sun nuzlocke

    In the wonderful region of Alola, Luna "befriends" a litten and they embark on an awesome adventure together. Meeting new teammates & making new friends, nothing bad could seemingly happen as they tackle the island challenges together. Read it on deviantart Read it on comicfury
  7. vent

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon Butterfly Effect, an Ultra Sun Nuzlocke!

    hello there! this is @Bramble's fault. Burris goes to Alola instead of journeying around Hoenn, and realizes you always take a little bit of home with you no matter where you go.
  8. Giogeth

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Flickering stars

    Flickering stars Welcome to the tapu islands a island chain full of adventure criminals and mysterious artifacts scattered about. The guilds on the islands each help train various rescue teams to hunt out the many criminals and bring some sembalance of peace among the islands. But what happens...
  9. Pentatope

    Screenshot Alola General Commentary Lofi - Beats to lose your starter to [Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke]

    Lofi - Beats to lose your starter to [Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke] “Your weekly subscription of chill, Ultra Sun Nuzlocke. Updates 1-2 Weekly” [/FONT][/SIZE] [/SPOILER]
  10. grimhealer

    Video Alola General grimhealer nuzlocke Moon challenge update 6/24/2021 The Completed Run

    this is a video journal log of the nuzlocke challenge. the video work is carp but I new of this and I have limited resources if you were interested to see the video. go to see it yourself and leave and like and subscribe to my channel on youtube. the new video and a link to go to my youtube...
  11. Golden Sun P79

    Golden Sun P79

  12. Golden Sun P76

    Golden Sun P76

  13. Golden Sun P71

    Golden Sun P71

  14. Nate

    Alola Written Log General A Quick Little Sun Egglocke

    Recently, I had my baby brother use my main save file where I've caught 'em all make me a team of eggs to use in an Egglocke of Pokemon Sun! Let me tell you about it! Without further adieu, let's hatch some eggs! [/CENTER] [/SPOILER] Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Finale
  15. Wwarborday

    Written Story Alola General Don't Fear The Reaper

    Hi there! I'm War, and this is Don't Fear The Reaper, an Alolan comedy run where I can only catch the first ghost- or dark-type that I see, while wildly abusing tokens. I hope to have it done by Halloween before Sword and Shield the end of the year eventually! It's primarily lighthearted, goofy...
  16. Garish Garchomp

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon On The Run

    Initializing... Running diagnostics... Logging in... Good evening, Milo! Synthesizing surroundings... Preparing cloud data... Would you like to sync music upon entry? >Yes No Loading ISLAND Radio... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ On The Run is a storylocke set in near-future Alola. It...
  17. DoctorRosalia

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon Heart of Stone - A Pokemon Sun Nuzlocke

    Hey, this is my first Nuzlocke and maybe the first one of it's series. I just did this because I had a totally free hour in high school when I completed my Oklahoma history, so here's its storylocke. Note that I may not be able to update regularly due to working on other projects and/or college...
  18. lostballoon

    Comic Alola General Lulu's Grand Adventure (Sun Comic!)

    Hello again Nuzforums!!! And gahbyeeeeee Tapatalk! New forum, new account and most importantly, new thread for Lulu's Grand Adventure! This is a silly comic about a girl named Lulu and her Litten, Lime. It is NOT affiliated with Lululemon or with yoga pants as an institution. Thank you for...