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  1. bhelryss

    Written Log General ordinary flames [ucl3]

    it's JULY and it's UCL S3 and it's ONLY 5 MONTHS LEFT and i'm GONNA DO IT YEAAAAAA rules: - fainting is permanent, no revives - if i find a shiny, i can use it - dupes clause is on! - only applies to living pokemon - the first eligible catch is my encounter - only catch & use normal and...
  2. Thirteenth

    Written Story Written Log General Commentary Mon The Dream Weaver, at Sunset

    T_h_e_ D_r_e_a_m_ W_e_a_v_e_r_,_ a_t_ S_u_n_s_e_t a b o u t r u l e s t a b l e__o f__c o n t e n t s