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  1. RagstheMimikyu

    Written Story Manifesto: A Pokémon XY Emerald Nuzlocke[MATURE]

    Rules: 1: Only catch the verrry first Pokémon caught on each route! No take-backs or redos! If the catch fails, too bad! You get nothing. 2: Every Pokémon caught must be immediately surprise-traded away. It’ll be so much fun that way! Every trade is a gamble! 3: Pokémon who faint are...
  2. RagstheMimikyu

    Written Story Fan Mature Simulacra: PLA Self-Insert as [REDACTED] Contains Spoilers

    Chapter One
  3. Bigredlittlewolf

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Hack Gijinka Psycho POP! [A Renegade Platinum Run]

    Don't read this if you don't wanna be spoiled about the direction this run will go 😎 Anyway this is a happy run where absolutely nothing goes wrong. The tags on the post?? Oh those silly things? Yeah, you should just ignore those, they're there for FLAVOR!!! The Dead stay dead in this...