ace attorney

  1. Veegee

    Mafia Turnabout Mafia, Take 2 [N4]

    Today is a sad day in the Nuzlocke forums. The totally real and not made up forum user Freya Ming, has just been arrested for the brutal murder of other totally real person Devra “Dev” Vice. Whole teams of lawyers have already taken the case, but in the confusion of this Japanifornian kangaroo...
  2. AnOddEncounter

    Screenshot Let's Play Mature AnOddEncounter becomes AnOddAceAttorney! A Blind Ace Attorney Let's Play!

    As you can see in the title, and in the thread desc, I am doing a blind playthrough of all the Ace Attorney games, spurred on by my youtube recommendations, me being a Danganronpa fan, and The Great Ace Attorney and the god himself "Herlock Shomes". So, let's get asexual and start attorney-ing...
  3. Veegee

    Turnabout Mafia

    BREAKING NEWS: There has been a murder in the nuzforums community! The police have already identified and arrested the suspect, and the trial is pending [2 days after this thread goes into 24-hour mode]. There are rumors spreading that things aren't as they seem and that someone might be being...