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    Nuzforum LGBTQA+ Thread!

    Asexual aromantic, technically male but tbh I don't bother will all the pronouns and stuff. I'm just bunch of letters on the internet, refer to me as whatever you want.
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    Movies Television Are you okay with spoilers?

    Depends. I really like to know something about media I am supposed to consume, so having some prior knowledge about what to expect is helping me to watch something. On the other hand I really don't like how modern mainstream cinema is releasing "trailers" that are just some of the hypest scenes...
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    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    Ledian is supposedly based on Kamen Rider, yeah. But we actually got a more direct reference to that franchise in Gen IX and I always saw Ledian more like a fantasy white mage thingie - it can hit with weak but varied attacks but also can throw some defensive support via Reflect/Light...
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    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    The thing with Johto Pokemon and how poorly they scale to other gens is mostly because of Gen 2 mechanics, for which these Pokemon were designed nonetheless. That Ledian or Furret is not really that bad when you have tons of stats experience and double badge boosts on top of their miserable...
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    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    I love all aspects of generation 2 and I refuse to elaborate or change my position.
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    How Are You Feeling Today?

    Few days ago I bought old, pretty obsolete netbook to have something cheap to play around in work (I have pretty boring job, lol). I could not do anything with this netbook for few days due to weekend making it impossible to buy proper screwdriver to open it and swap hard drive for SSD, but...
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    Tragic Nuzlocke Deaths:THE RETURN

    I still remember that time when I was doing pretty standard Nuzlocke of FR. Ivwas in double battle against two little girls on route before Fuschia. Their Charmander and Squirtle vs My Charmeleon and Dugtrio. I was pretty confident that spread on 3 targets, magnitude from my Dugtrio will not...
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    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    Personally I prefer the old designs that were more monstrous and were somewhat inspired by Dragon Quest monsters. First two gens had this very cool feel to it. But generally I try to be open about different gend having different philosophies and that changes will happen in 25 years old...
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    Celebrity Death Thread

    I guess it happened well over month ago but still. Jason David Frank, popular actor, martial artist and MMA fighter died on 19th November. Cause of death was suicide, a sad result of years of dealing with depression. Small PSA here - Mental health is a damn serious business that can affect...
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    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    There's no real need to be on par level-wise with bosses in Pokemon. Especially in Yellow where levels are just way to recompense for progression mechanics giving player massive advantage (stat experience and Badge Boosts) and "anime-inspired" teams for leaders.
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    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    It's more like a small disappointment, but due to small oversight in Gen I if Pokemon levels up more than one level at once it will skip level-up moves and my Pidgey lost chance to learn Sand Attack. Not a huge deal but it's not that Pidgey has a lot of decent moves so losing on useful status...
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    Fan Thread What's your Favorite rom hacks?

    From more modern ones I'll say that Gaia and Unbound are above everything else, really. From more oldschool, simpler hacks I'll say that I really appreciate YAFRH for general balance and good ideas despite being limited by then underdeveloped hacking tools. Also I don't really understand bashing...
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    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    In Cherrygrove there's 5% chance to find Krabby while fishing using Old Rod, which is kinda neat - it's easy to abuse dupe clause to grab it as soon as right after first gym and it's early enough to justify using it before other, more popular Water-type Pokemon will get available.
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    Nuzlocke General Final Team Frequency 4.0

    I found my starterless Crystal run I did few months ago :D. Lance: Aipom, Sandslash, Flareon, Slowbro, Magneton, Weezing Red: Sandslash, Flareon, Slowbro, Magneton, Snorlax, Aipom Weezing's death was due to me going almost blind into Lance's fight and having no safe switch against his...
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    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    Candlenuts owe their name to fact that in old times, people living in Hawaii burned them and their oil for light. Why it matters? Because candlenuts are from kukui tree and professor Kukui wanted to bring light to Alola by putting on his region proverbial spotlight via creation of Pokemon...
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    Nuzlocke Fun Things that Happen in Nuzlockes

    I just started Y Nuzlocke and my first few catches are: - Zigzagoon - Pikachu - Dunsparce - Farfetch'd (not the trade one, I actually caught it) - Budew So outside of Ziggy all my catches were rare, kinda neat. Obviously on the long run Dunsparce and Farfetch'd are pretty whatever but i just...
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    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    SwSh is... not really a good game, imho. But a lot of complains is just some vague, pointless and unfocused noise. My favorite game from Switch is probably LGPE. It's simple and different but the quality is here. It just feels right. Also, gonna say - Sinnoh games are... ugh. That region is...
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    Nuzlocke Unpopular Nuzlocke opinions

    I don't really like to use any out-of-game things to edit in anything, with changing trade evos being one exception that sometimes I do. I feel like point of playing through the game is to do it with what you get in game even if it's limited by being time consuming to obtain or RNG-reliant. Also...
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    Ruleset Destiny Bond Clause?

    It's your run, do what you want. But for me this sounds like just another taste of bullshit clause and will just make you justify more and more. Next will be 1HKO move clause, crit clause, status clause, random-i-forgot-about-this-coverage-move clause... The whole point of Nuzlockes is that your...
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    Nuzlocke Unpopular Nuzlocke opinions

    Alakazam is very powerful but personally I find it quite... bland? Its good at spamming Psychic and can run some other special moves when available but there's no real novelty, nothing that would make you go "hmm" while trying to figure out strategic use of certain moves. It's just big, dumb big...